Friday, April 5, 2013

I Still Got It

 Lately I've been thinking that I've lost my mojo.  I can't seem to write anything beyond this blog (and barely that some days), my knitting's unsatisfactory, I'm not sewing, and my ass seems to be glued to one chair or another.  Last night I proved myself wrong.  I get to go meet a new baby this afternoon and I've knitted a couple hats for her.  Yesterday when I was barely awake it occurred to me that I had forgotten to make something for the big sister.  See, I always try to have a gift for the old children because EVERYBODY brings a present for the new baby who has usurped all the attention that was previously hers/his and it's just not fair that IT gets a present and the more deserving person, the already kid who used to be the center of the universe, doesn't.  So I clattered downstairs to grab One Yard Wonders to take to work to see what there was to see.  I have plenty of fabric so I didn't worry that I'd have to buy any and I wanted something useful, like a bag.  I paged through and there it was, a kid-size messenger bag with a pocket (I put on 2) and a shoulder strap.  I went downstairs around 7:30, dug out some cute fabric, cut it out, and had it all sewed up, pressed and was back upstairs by 10 PM.  Brilliant!  Genius!  I still got it!  Huzzah!  And it's so cute. I'll definitely be making it again, plus it has the cleverest way of making the bottom that I was gobsmacked when it turned out.

I was astonished to see that the patio blocks had emerged from the snow the other day.  Now look, there's hardly any snow out there.  The remaining snow's all on the patio so I still have to be careful when I go out to top up the birdbath of a morning but I'm thrilled to see the rabbit pellets, crushed brown grass, spilled seed, broken birdbath heater, and blown-in trash that is revealed with the snow gone.  Although they are saying we should get a half-inch of snow tonight.  Arrrgh.

April 5--Egypt, Mosaic Glass Inlay.

Twin white stars
floating face up
in indigo seas,
hold points
to stay together.
Red-ringed center,
yellow as yolk,
warms them in the
cold blue void.

Oops, gotta get a move on, I've got an oil change this morning.  Toodle-oo.


BFayBooks said...

You sure do, baby! (THAT baby refers to you the next one refers to the new child you are welcoming) YES! I agree that older siblings are the ones who need a little sweet something when a baby arrives! And that's a darling bag. You ROCK, baby! (THAT baby refers to you)

Aunt B said...

This is the time of year when even the trash in the backyard looks wonderful when it isn't surrounded by snow! And the little messenger bag is sooooo cute!!!