Friday, April 5, 2013

Sewing. Knitting.

I am working hard to rejuvenate my mojo, re-energize it, find it.  I have the 2-days-of-yoga achy muscles to remind me that I got up off my fat ass to do more than get a snack this week, and I love it.  I plan to do it again and pretty soon my muscles will work and not hurt.  That'll be a good day.

Last night after supper I sewed up a child's messenger bag for the Big Sister of the New Baby I knit those two recent baby hats for.  It is freaking awesome, if I do say so myself.  I had the exactly right upholstery fabric in my stash, there was even a coordinating stripe for the pockets and strap.  I skipped the Velcro flap closures but added another pocket on the outside.  Everybody likes pockets, especially kids who always have important things to put in them.

The other night I frogged the few rows of badly knitted Wrap & Go shawl and started over.  This time I was smart and put in stitch markers and I'M LEAVING THEM IN so I don't find extra stitches creeping in like before.  This is the first time I'm using lace weight and it's a challenge to knit it.  Thank god I remembered that I own US10.75 Knit Picks Harmony straights which are adequately pointed for the task.  I'm doing my best to sew and knit with what I have (although I did get a book about sewing bags at Barnes & Noble this morning but I used a gift card so it wasn't like really buying) so I was determined not to buy bigger pointy needles.

I so enjoyed drawing at the museum in Sheboygan a couple weeks ago so I got myself a copy of Wreck This Journal at B&N too.  I will be getting the colored pencils out of the box under the bed as soon as I post this.  No page will be safe.

I also got myself a treat:  a little 3x5 Moleskin notebook with unlined paper.  I love unlined paper to write on.  See, I'm too German and rule-bound to write across lines but if there are no lines I could write any which way.  I usually don't, but I COULD and that's what I like.

I've been working on my latest boot sock.  I really like the yarn.  I think I'm about 10 rounds from decreasing for the toe.  I'm sure I'll get it done in time to wear it before it's too warm for a thick sock.  (god, what did I just do?  did I wish for the cold to last longer?  I need to lie down with a cool cloth on my forehead)

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