Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh. It Was Sunny There For A Minute.

But it isn't now, it's getting cloudier and cloudier in preparation to, you guessed it, snow.  Arrrgh.  And I have a cold.  It's definitely not allergies (I don't think it is anyway) because I felt kind of shivery when I got into bed (alone, I am not germ-ing on Durwood) last night, woke up with my ears on fire (kind of an adjunct sore throat), and a head full of snot.  This is a cold.  I told Durwood I'd go with him to pump his gas today.  I'm not looking forward to standing out in the wind but a promise is a promise.  I'll wear a hat.  I felt so crummy  when I got up that I took a Tylenol Sinus, just one, to see if I could beat back some of these symptoms.  Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, and if things hold true I'll get some lovely side-effects from the Tylenol.  Nothing too severe, just an interesting mild disconnect from reality at times, kind of like I've taken one step back, only in my mind.  I already have a cough (that arrived yesterday even before the head full of snot) so I'm sucking on honey lemon eucalyptus drops which makes everything taste odd but there's chicken soup in the fridge for lunch so I'm taking good care of me, and Durwood's making chicken gizzard stew in the crockpot for supper so everything's under control.  I don't think the crazy weather fronts that have been zooming in and out lately are helping my head either although they sure are making my joints ache.  (wow, that's old sounding, isn't it?)

This weekend there's laundry to do and I want to carry up the birdfeeders for Durwood to clean for the season and bird houses (and maybe make more) to clean out and put out.  The backyard birds are courting like mad and I've found some "nest cams" to watch.  This week the herons laid their surprisingly small blue eggs and the red-tail hawks are already sitting on theirs.  There's an osprey cam in Missoula, MT and one in Lolo, MT too.  I'm going to see if I can't find the nest cam at the mouth of the Fox River here and maybe a hummingbird one from somewhere too.  It's great to have them running in other windows while I sit here and type so that my clicking keys are accompanied by bird song.

April 19--Alfred Stieglitz, Dorothy True.

Her feet are tired
at the end of the day,
forced into shoes
that fit well at 8 AM
pinch at Noon
mangle by 5:30 PM.
Pains like knives
shoot up her legs
when she eases them off,
only to put them back on
a few hours later
to go dancing.

What can you do?  A girl has to dance.  I'm off to find some breakfast and read the funnies.  I need the funnies today with all the crazy news from the world out there.  Peace.

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Aunt B said...

Oh those brave little hyacinths! Spring is trying to come to GB but seems sooooo slow!! Hope your cold gets better. XXXXX