Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Button & A Fall Off The Yarn Diet

I got a button for the Green Shrug the other day at JoAnn.  I wanted a bamboo button but all they had was toggles and that wouldn't have worked.  I found this tortoiseshell looking one with holes big enough for the super bulky yarn to go through and I think it's just right.

I worked along on the Wildflowers Shawlette at work yesterday and realized that it's DK or fingering weight yarn *head, slap*  but I am not frogging it at this stage.  Besides I like the way this is looking and it'll look awesome with a winter white ruffle.

After my walk this morning I stopped into Monterey Yarns to see when their last day is.  End of May, she said, but judging by the emptiness of the shelves they probably won't make it that long.  I did my part and brought home a skein of Noro Silk Garden and one of Silly Stripes, it's 100% cotton.  See?  Variegated, colors--I can't resist.  It wasn't a big fall off the yarn diet, only a little one, and it was kind of pity yarn.  I couldn't go in there to see when they were closing and not buy anything, could I?  No.

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BFayBooks said...

I look forward to the day you come here and see all the really neat ceramic, glass, and wood buttons that we have available at Waupaca Community Arts Center. Are you on a button diet, too, or just yarn. Full disclosure: part of WCAC is "Glacial Acres" - a natural fibers store with some pretty neat stuff.