Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh No! I Do Control The Weather!

Look!  We got snow overnight and it stuck.  Uck, uck, uck.  It isn't a tragedy because it's supposed to get up into the 40s, almost 50 today so it'll all melt but this was not what I wanted to wake up to, wanting to wear that last boot sock I'm making notwithstanding.  (what?  you didn't read my knitting blog entry yesterday?  here's a link, I'll wait...)   I promise to use my powers only for good from now on.

I so enjoyed drawing at the Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan a couple weeks ago that I got all excited when I saw Wreck This Journal in Barnes & Nobel yesterday.  See, I was feeling a strong pull to shop and remembered that I had $45 on a gift card for there so since book shopping = shopping I stopped after my oil change.  I got the journal, a book about sewing bags (because I feel a bag jag coming on), and a Moleskine journal with unlined pages.  Unlined pages!  I love them.  So open, so free, so... unlined.  I had colored pencils but no drawing pencils or markers or any other fun art tools (like those pointy paper smudging thingies) so I stopped at Michaels on my way to knitting and picked up a few so more shopping.  As I left the store a woman in the handicap parking space was standing beside her car, hang tag in hand, having a loud discussion (not exactly an argument) with a man entering the store.  She was saying, "I just forgot to put it up."  Evidently he had called the police and reported her.  "Did you give them my license number?" she asked. He said that he had.  "I want to go home."  I was walking past, minding my business (okay, I was eavesdropping), when I saw a squad car pull into the lot on the far end, so I said, "ma'am, there they are right now" and walked on a few spaces to my car.  When I got there she had teleported herself (zzzzooop!) to stand right in front of me.  She wanted to complain about the guy having called.  I sympathized but told her that Durwood and I are often aced out of a spot by someone who doesn't have a tag or doesn't seem to need it so I sympathized with his frustration.  Then I offered to stop by the squad car and ask him to come talk to her so that she could leave.  So I did.  It was a lady officer with a citizen or newbie riding along, she found the call on her computer and said she'd take care of it.  Honestly, people constantly amaze me, but I got to do a good deed so that was a good thing.

April 6--Paul Cezanne, Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses.

Summer's blush rouges apples
strewn like storm-tossed boats
across the white tablecloth.
Pink primroses nod
in the cooling fall
breeze from the open door.
Soon the laughing summer
days will fade into
autumn's crisp chill,
primroses will wither,
the apples will retire to
pie and brandy.

I could stand to start my day with a slab of pie and a dollop of brandy in my coffee... but I'll settle for granola, yogurt, and fruit.  I'm going to keep frowning at the snow until it melts, it might take me all day but I'm determined and I am in charge.  Enjoy your Saturday!

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Aunt B said...

No, no, no -- don't frown all day! You'll get wrinkles!! If we have to get those, they should be from laughing all day! And yes, you are a good citizen to help that frustrated lady. And that should definitely make you smile. Love you.