Monday, April 8, 2013

There's Nothing Like Charcoal Grilled Meat

We knew it was going to be a nice day and we knew that I was going to clean off the patio so we thawed out a little NY Strip and I grilled it.  It was the first grilling of 2013 and it was awesome.  Durwood sauteed some mushrooms and steamed some fresh Brussels sprouts and we made it all go away.  There were lots of accompanying "mmms" too.  While we ate a birdie crashed into the patio window, then the sharp-shinned hawk landed on the edge of the step, glared in at us for a minute (not long enough for me to grab the camera, boo, that pic's from last year), then turned to nab the stunned whateveritwas, and flew away.  Nature red in tooth and claw, babies, it's on our doorstep.

I was able to lever up, break up, and shovel away most of the patio ice.  Then I swept away the leaves and birdseed and bunny poop pellets so that I wasn't standing in it and tracking (anymore of) it into the house while grilling.  I filled the birdfeeders too, which must have emitted some sort of signal because I hadn't even gotten my tools and myself off the patio before the chickadees and sparrows flew in for snacks and baths.  After that I got a tarp and my secateurs out to cut down the dead mums and the decorative tall grass so that the front of the house looks readier for Spring to sprang.  And I have the first "stick truck" pile out at the curb.  I was going to say "the first of many" but for once I managed to clear out the garden and trim the raspberries BEFORE winter so I'm good... for now.  Ooh and while I was gathering blown in trash from the garden I notice that one of the blueberry bushes has tiny swollen buds on the ends of its twigs.  I'm excited to go to the County Extension office Wednesday after work for a one-night class on growing blueberries in pots.  When I came in from playing in the yard there was the first indoor bug of the season on the edge of the door.  I snapped its photo before scooping it up and returning it to nature.  (no, I didn't stomp it, I set it free. barbarians.)

April 8--Frederic Remington, The Cheyenne.

wind and motion
hair and mane
rider and mount
bronze made flesh
madness of hooves
spear in angry hands
stolen land, dead bison
rictus of sadness
anger in every line

I'm liking writing poems (or poem-like strings of words) this month.  It's making me happy.  Speaking of happy, Happy 57th Birthday to my baby brothers, TW & AJ!  Fifty-seven years, yikes!  How can that be?  Weren't we all kids a few weeks ago?  I'm off to Monday.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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