Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Bad Startitis Outbreak

Remember on Monday when I said I planned to frog the Fino Bias scarf?  Well, after supper on Monday I did.  With Durwood's help I turned a scarf back into 2 skeins of yarn.  I got my ball winder up and wound them back up.  They'll become a scarf again soon, but not right now.

Also on Monday I started knitting another one of those darling baby hats that look like flowers for a coming great-grand-baby.  It's going to be another triumph.

Naturally I couldn't be one project down so when I was downstairs yesterday afternoon doing a little sorting, filing and organizing I came upon three others that had to be started last night.  No, HAD to be cast on, were desperate to begin the process of being created and I obliged.  (I'm a nice person, deep down.  Deep, deep down.)

When I was pawing through the sock yarn bin (looking for a pattern in a bag with a single skein that was in a different bin) I came upon the cuff of a yoga sock.  Wonder why I stopped?  I carried it up, tried to put needles back in the loose stitches, gave up, frogged it, and started over.

I think my battle with that laceweight yarn last week led me to rebel.  I dug out nice big needles and the biggest yarn I own, and cast on a pretty pale green shrug (that may only take me a week to make) to wear this spring.  It's kind of hard on my hands but it's going really fast.  That photo is of just over an hour's work.  Pretty good, eh?

The other reason I was pawing through the sock yarn was to gather up all of the remains of the making of various boot socks (Plymouth Encore mostly) to ball it up and pick out a couple to use to make a sock out of whatever comes to hand.  I also found 2 unused skeins.  Ooh, goodie, more big yarn socks.  I like making socks with big yarn, but I also think I might make sure to have one sock-yarn size sock OTN for the summer too.  I need to start making a dent in that big bin of skinny yarn.  I didn't cast that one on yet.  I'll get there.

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Aunt B said...

I don't think you're quite in a league with your mother, but your downstairs sounds like it might be a distant cousin to her doll room! And I hope that cute little hat is for baby boy Diego.