Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stunned Disbelief Boggled

I am speechless at the news of the bombs in Boston yesterday.  I can not conceive of what makes people do things like that.  I pray for those injured and all those touched by the insanity.

Yesterday was the first really springlike day we've had and of course I was at work from 10 to 6.  I did prop the store's back door open for half an hour to let real actual air permeate the stale corners.  It was lovely to breathe the cool fresh air.  It was still warm and sunny when I left work and I was tickled to see that the Mason St. bridge was up as I approached.  I was lucky enough to be on the bridge proper so that I could see the huge freighter inch its way through the narrow drawbridge space.  That means Spring is really here, you know.

Most of last week's snow is melted.  The only patches are in the shadiest spots and where the drifts were the deepest along the curb where the plow piled it up.  Whew.  For a while there on Friday I thought maybe Winter had called a do-over and won.  Oh, there's patches of blue sky out my window, it's mostly cloudy and not supposed to be very sunny today but there is definitely blue sky.  I see it.  Skully and I are walking today, no doubt about it.  I'm even going to wear capris.  I know!  My socks will probably match but at least I'll have Spring pants on.

April 16--Switzerland, Music Box.

Turn the key
once, twice,
lift the painted lid,
music plays.
As the notes resonate
in the tin box
I'll be loving you,
I smell Great-grandma's powder,
feel her soft fingers
on my cheek
as we listen

It's Cheerio time.  See you.  Play outside today.  Even just for 5 minutes.

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Aunt B said...

That Boston bombing! Words fail me. Once upon a time, we were so very safe in this country. Oceans on either side protecting us from the world. That's how I felt as a kid. But I'm all grown up now and those days are gone forever.

But hey, Spring is coming to GB!!! Definitely a big YAY for that.