Saturday, April 20, 2013

Good Afternoon

It's sunny today, not too chilly, and not windy.  Whew.  I was afraid that winter had called a do-over and come around for another whack at us.  It seemed like it yesterday anyway when the wind was blowing a gale all day and every half hour it'd be snowing or hailing to beat the band.  It melted on contact but it sure was demoralizing to see.  I hung around in my jammies most of the day until time to go to knitting and babied my cold a bit.  Not too much, you don't want those viruses to get the idea that they've landed in a cushy spot, you know.  You have to beat them back with symptom-relieving pills and lovely honey lemon throat drops.  My particular brand of virus came with a little head congestion and an aggressive tickle in my throat that comes with a lovely wracking dry cough.  Ol' Durwood's sleeping in the other room (smart man) while I snort and hack my way through the nights.  I had a lot to drink yesterday, tea and water, and chicken soup for lunch today to try and float it away.  (in fact I think I'll go make some tea right now, back in a minute.... I cut up an orange too, vitamin C, you know)  I was glad to see the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds this morning, not so glad to see that half of the birdbath was reverting to glacier overnight. *sigh*  One day it'll be warm here.

One of the spinners tried to lure me into learning and "getting into" spinning but I kept a smile on my face and said no, thanks.  (you do realize that if you have an honest smile pasted on your face that you can say no to anyone and anything and usually they take it and don't get mad, right?)  Don't get me wrong, I love watching them take globs of fluffy wool, stretch it out, and turn it into yarn but I don't have any desire to do it myself.  Another one of them evidently has sheep and goats because she was talking about her "babies" and someone wanted a call to come for the shearing.  That'd be interesting to watch too but I like to buy my wool pre-dyed, pre-spun, and hanked up for my use.  I'm not a process knitter, I'm a product knitter.  I'm not fascinated by the making I want to get to the product.  A couple of the knitters I know well are process knitters and are unfazed by having to frog a project (turn it back into a skein of yarn) and start over.  That just kills me to have to do that.  I nearly wept when I decided that the bias scarf I had finished HAD to be unraveled and remade.  Killed me but it had to be done.  One of those process knitters has the attitude that reknitting yarn halves its cost.  That's not a bad way to be.  Maybe I'll get that way once I've whittled down my stash to more manageable quantities.  (perhaps not in my lifetime)

April 20--Edouard Manet, Boating.

hot summer sun
reflects from
water surface
spotlight, mirror
she feels pinned in the light
he smells her
moves closer
balance shifts

Well, that was odd.  I blame the virus and previously mentioned head snot.  Time to go flop the laundry around or I will be underpants-less next week.  We don't want that.

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