Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winter's Back... With Attitude

Well.  Yesterday afternoon and evening was rainy, then it got cold and, guess what?  All that rain froze on everything and it snowed.  Now we live in a world of ice and snow.  Thunder and lightning snow, at that.  I just watched a smallish branch drop off of the tree across the street and when I went out to take ice pictures it sounded like ripping Velcro when the wind picked up a bit.  Pretty but treacherous and it just better not break my maple tree.  I hear the neighbor out with his sorta-working snowblower, only half of the auger's turning so it's just shoving most of the snow ahead of itself.  Dandy.  I'm telling you right now I am not shoveling this morning.  This snow can melt where it fell.  I'm done with the shoveling.  Done, do you hear me, D-O-N-E, done.

I ended up spending most of the afternoon downstairs just playing with yarn.  In fact, I frogged one project on Monday night and brought up yarn, needles, and patterns for three of them yesterday, two of which I started last night after supper.  (that's what we call "startitis" in the knitting world; I'm not ashamed)  And we didn't go out after all.  Durwood said his breathing wasn't up to going out in the cold so he tossed together a pan of chicken spaghetti with a frozen chicken breast and frozen sauteed mushrooms (thawed, of course, literal much?), half a red bell pepper, and half a jar of sauce.  It was good and didn't take long, plus there's enough for supper tonight too.  I do suspect that he won't be going to Woodman's for fresh veggies for tonight since it's just awful out there.  I see carrots in my immediate supper future.  Yum.

April 10--Claude Fayolle, Queen of Clubs.

Spades are always high, Mom told me.
She said no trump too or
three hearts and I know
there was a dummy at
every table. (I thought
that was mean.)
There was rubber and renege,
slam, grand slam, tricks.
It was a language
I didn't understand
but every day
at 3 o'clock
she'd call me to tell me
how she made a slam
or didn't, went down,
got set, or
got her nickel back.
Nobody talks Bridge to me
anymore, I kinda
miss it sometimes.

I don't miss it often because it baffled me, but I miss the teller.  I really miss showing her the things I make.  Ah well, she went fast and in minimal pain... I'm grateful.  Sorry to be a downer but when I think of cards, I think of Mom.  Oh!  I get to go learn about blueberry cultivation after work today.  Yippee.  I should find a notebook.  Toodles.


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