Monday, April 22, 2013

Rain Is Better Than Snow

And look, no frost this morning.  Thank god.  Now if the weather'd quit changing every 15 minutes maybe this stupid head cold would go away and leave me alone.  I need to keep the thought that it's better for me to have a cold now than in 4 weeks when I'll be at The Clearing for a week at a writing workshop.  (there'll be no blogging that week because there isn't wi-fi on campus, it's a retreat, no TV, radio, phone [well, except for your turned off cellphone], or newspaper either, I love it)  I can not wait to be up there in the woods to spend a week walking on the trails or sitting on a rock looking out at the bay.  It's so peaceful there and I don't have to think of anyone but myself for those 7 days.  Heaven.

I spent most of yesterday on the couch knitting or sitting here mindlessly playing computer games and I listened to a whole audiobook.  I did manage to fold the wash, well, mine anyway so I have underpants and socks to wear this week but that was about it.  Don made some chicken and mushroom hash for supper that I know tasted good (because it has in the past) but my favorite part was eating an orange, cool and sweet, that I could almost taste and it felt good to eat it.

April 22--Balkan, Flintlock Pistol.

silver, coral
wood, death
dangerously beautiful

Okay, evidently my brain is dissolved.  I'm going to quit while I can still string words together in some semblance of coherence.  Tomorrow will be better, it'll be Cold--Day 6.  Gotta be better.  Right?

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