Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mid-Week & Nothing's Stirring

Least of all me.  Oh, man, have I got a badbadbad case of the blahs.  I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything.  I'm not walking (for exercise), not exer-cycling, not yoga-ing, not sewing, barely knitting... all I do is sit and play hidden object games on the computer (at home) or knit a little (at work) with an earbud shoved into my skull.  It's like I've had a lobotomy.  I will go to yoga tonight after work (Mardi's teaching so YAY!) and I responded to Skully's early morning email with a suggestion that we mall-walk on Friday.  Even if she has to drag me around by an earlobe (remember nuns doing that in grade school?  not to me, of course, to the bad boys) I need to force myself up and out.

June 2012
Next Wednesday I'm excited to be signed up for a one-night class on how to grow blueberries in pots.  My three little blueberry bushes are stunted and forlorn.  They try but we don't have the correct soil for them and they get shaded out by the tomatoes.  Perhaps they'll be happier and more productive in pots.  And I walked into Harmony Cafe last Friday to go knitting and saw someone with a planter full of leaf lettuce.  I don't know what it was about (there was a tri-fold, science-fair-ish poster but I didn't stop) but I did want to bzzzzz off all those gorgeous green leaves and have them for my very own.  It's time to plant... soon anyway, around Mother's Day around here and some years as late as Memorial Day.  *sigh*

April 3--Mexico, Pottery Whistle.

Blow in his tail,
music comes out
his mouth.
(Does anyone else think
that's odd?)
The reverse
isn't much better,
a kind of artificial
respiration that makes
musical farts.
Haven't we all kissed
an ass (one end
or the other) and wished
for music?

You know how to whistle,
don't you, Steve?
You just put your lips together,
and... blow.

There's my Lauren Bacall impression for the day.  It's from To Have and Have Not a black & white movie from 1944 that I remember watching while piled up in Mom's canopy bed one night when Dad was out of town.  They used to play an old movie at 10:30 PM and we'd sit up and watch them.  Good times.  Great movies.  Time for the day to get moving.

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Aunt B said...

Love it when those old movie quotes come to mind! And yes, the pottery whistle sounded a bit weird. Almost like a description of an airplane engine -- "one end sucks, the other blows" -- that too is weird!