Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Drizzling... But I'll Take It

Drizzling's way better than snowing (trust me) and I even put the birdbath heater away for the summer on Saturday.  (oh, I should uncover the air conditioners too; I'll do that tomorrow)  I'm not thrilled that I have to go to work and miss the lovely day but I'm off again tomorrow when it's supposed to be in the mid-70s.  I've already promised Porter that we're walking tomorrow, no backing out.  After tomorrow it's supposed to cool back down into the mid-40s.  UckUckUck.  Stick a fork in me, I'm done.  Tomorrow is the last day of April, people, get it together.

Yesterday I sat on the patio in the afternoon reading a magazine and listening to the birdies sing.  It was lovely.  Then I went to DS & DIL1's to pin up her pants and talk to Porter for a bit while they worked on the new coop.  That coop's a thing of beauty.  I'd have taken its picture but I didn't have my camera.  Oh well, I'll show you later when it's all done.

Oh... it's going to be kinda stinky at work when I get there, there were Open Water Certification dives over the weekend and that means a bale of damp neoprene in the back room.  Yippee.  I'll hang it all outside if the drizzle stops so it can dry out and stop smelling.  It's nearly impossible to rinse out all the bay water and body smells which sometimes makes my Mondays stinky.  Oh well, it's payday and that makes up for a lot of stench.

April 29--India, Pleasures of the Hunt.

Men, women, servants
guns, hawks, dogs
horses, horses, horses
running deer
look into his eyes
he loves her
look into her eyes
she thinks her mother was right
about him
but now she's stuck there
with a hawk on her arm

Sorry I fell asleep there and stuck my face to the page.  I'm off to read the funnies and do the crossword puzzle.  And then there's that work thing.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Love today's poem. I can almost visualize that look in her eyes -- and with a hawk on her arm yet!! And yes, rain is better than snow.