Friday, April 12, 2013


Look!  Look what we got overnight.  Wintry mix is what they're telling us we're getting today.  (that's rain, freezing rain, and snow for you Southerners out there)  Ugh.  Right now it's merrily snowing like it's Christmas Eve.  Eee. Nough.  Someone who might know (as if anyone does) said that we're supposed to approach "normal" sometime next week.  My little warm-corner hyacinth looks a bit forlorn with snowflakes on it.  Skully and I decided yesterday afternoon that we weren't going out to walk along the river today.  We're going to count on the Kress trail being clear next Tuesday and try again to rack up more than one walk per week.

I had one entire customer yesterday at work.  One.  I wasn't surprised; it was cold and rainy and WINDY, so windy that at one point the wind sucked the store door open all the way and held it open until I went and hauled it back closed, I had to put some muscle into it too.  I was afraid that the temperature would drop, turn the rain to ice, and they'd cancel the knitting guild meeting.  See, the program last night was about adding beads to your knitting and I really wanted to learn how to do that.  Well, the temps didn't drop, they held the meeting and I learned a few ways to add beads.  It was fun and a bit more challenging than I thought it'd be.  We learned, though, battling through confusion and have little postage stamp-sized samples to show for our work.  Thanks, TS!

April 12--American, Compact.

Begin dialing with the letters
of the exchange
(ours was G-Y
for Gypsy)
followed by the numbers...

To dial a number,
place your pointer finger
into the correct hole
of the dial,

Push the dial clockwise
to the stop,
remove your finger,
allow the dial to rotate back.

Mom shed a tear
when they changed G-Y
to 4-9.
Numbers aren't as romantic
than Gypsies, she said.

Now everything is
pulses and beeps,
the phone Gypsies
are no more.

Remember rotary phones?  Remember compacts?  I loved opening the compact in Mom's purse, loved the aroma, the little pink puff, and the tiny mirror, its edges fogged with powder.  Now kids play with their mom's SmartPhone, staring blankly at the screen, eyes glazed, faces slack.  Is there anybody home in those little people?  I think I'll hide from the snow until time to go to Friday Night Knitting.  I'll either go downstairs and sew something or I'll sit on the couch and knit on my shrug just in case it ever warms up enough to wear it.  Stay warm!


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Aunt B said...

Yes, the rotary phones were neat. And the numbers seemed so much easier to remember with that word at the beginning. Ours was GReenleaf 8390.