Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Walk Outside... Check.

Cash paycheck... check.  Buy that other purse book at B&N... check.  Drop off SCUBA tank for service... check.  Get manicure... check.  Buy mealworms for the birdies... check.  Spend the rest of this chilly, rainy, foggy day indoors sipping ginger peach tea and playing with yarn and fabric... that's the plan.

Skully and I met at Riverside Ballroom and walked along the George Kress section of the Baird Creek Trail.  It was chilly and damp and a bit windier than we thought it'd be but we slacked off all winter, except maybe once, so it's time we haul our fat heinies out and set them jiggling on two walks a week.  Outside unless it's pouring rain.  On Friday we'll walk along the Fox River Trail.  *nods confidently*  No excuses.

Durwood's got a coupon for a free appetizer at Texas Roadhouse so we're going out for supper tonight.  I'm sure he gets tired of cooking and figuring out what to cook, I know I used to, so I'm willing to eat out every once in a while.  (aren't I a saint?)

April 9--Edwin Austin Abbey, "King Lear," Act I, Scene I.

"The play's the thing,"
says the Bard,
but he's the one
who wrote the plays
so of course he'd say
they are the thing
but everyone thinks
that their thing is
THE thing, so where's
the profundity in
that thought?  Besides
"the thing" seems
rather vague, I'd
need a bit more
specificity to make up
my mind.  Until then,
play on.

That's it for me.  I'm off to heat up some water for tea and maybe make a grilled cheese for lunch.  That's good rainy day food, right?  Maybe I can wheedle a cup of tomato soup out of Durwood to have with it.  I'm a pretty good wheedle, or I could just ask him.  See ya bye.

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Aunt B said...

Tomato soup and grilled cheese!!! The All-American lunch. Hope you got the soup and then dunked the grilled cheese in it -- like the little kid (at heart!) you are!! So glad to read about Spring springing up there! Finally!!!