Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It Must Be Spring

The snow has melted back to just the thickest, densest drifts and up against the retaining wall the grass is greening.  Really.  See?  Of course the temperature isn't cooperating; it's barely above freezing and I can see frost on the neighbor's roof so it's obvious that it got below freezing last night.  Also I nearly froze my fingers going out to put corn in the squirrel feeder and take a picture of the green grass.  The crocuses are up and blooming on the south side of the house and in the warmest corner I can see a hyacinth spike peeking out.  I know we're getting there, we're just not there yet.  Although there is a baseball game score on the front page of the paper, that must mean something.

I called my friend KS up at The Clearing yesterday to tell her (warn them) that in fewer than 7 weeks I'll be up there to stay for a writing workshop.  I'm excited to be going there in spring this year to see the wildflowers (if the snow ever lets up, they had snow on the ground yesterday morning, ugh).  She wasn't there so I called her on her cell only to discover that she was driving back home from here.  Man, I wish I'd known she was here, we could have met for early morning coffee or something.  (really, I'd have gotten up and out early for that... oh, stop laughing)  Did I tell you she learned to knit not too long ago?  I knew I liked her.

April 2--Jean Lemoyen le Lorrain, Border Design.

Swirls of red and gold
dissolve into shapes of birds,
flowers, the sun,
a Hero
with sword and shield,
a fog of righteous certainty
trailing in his wake.
April is Poetry Month so I thought I'd poem along.  Enjoy your day and don't forget to vote if you have the chance.  Avaunt!

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Aunt B said...

Yay -- Spring is definitely on the way. Love it when those tiny green shoots stick their heads up. So brave!!!