Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Is Inching In

It didn't snow yesterday.  I know!  Amazing, isn't it?  Skully and I walked, and Baird Creek's running high and fast because of all the snow we got over the last week... and all of the winter's snow that's melting, too of course, but it sure wasn't warm.  I was glad that I keep a beanie in the car and Skully was glad that I had earmuffs too.  This morning the sun was pretty far up by the time I got up (6:15) but I thought that the pale yellow light was worth a photo.  When I went out to get the paper the brave little hyacinth is almost open in its warm corner by the front door.  Go, baby!  Last night the Weather Channel predicted freezing temps overnights, rain & snow & wind, and daytime temps barely into the 40s for the rest of the week.  Maybe they're wrong?  I'll keep my fingers crossed.  (hmm, maybe crossed fingers explains all my typos today...)

Either I'm getting a cold or I have allergies.  I don't have allergies, I never have, but I just read an article that a person can get them when they're an adult.  (I guess at 61-1/2 I qualify as an adult.)  My kids have springtime allergies, Durwood does too, but I never have, not so far anyway, so I'm hoping that this is a cold and will run it's course.  Just took a Zycam in hopes that this is a cold.  I recommend Zycam; it staves off colds or makes them shorter, at least it has for me in the past.

April 17--Italy, Jacket.

Rich brown silk
heavy, brocaded,
weighted by gold braid,
buoyed by gossamer lace,
convent-made for
a rich man's mistress.
blatantly costly.
Did she feel the
holy women's stitches
pricking her conscience?

I get to go to yoga tonight after work, so I can't forget my yoga pants.  I'm not so bendy that I could yog in my jeans.  Tsk, what a concept.  I keep my yoga mat in the car just in case there's some extemporaneous yoga in my path so I don't have to fetch that, it's always ready.  I'd better remind Durwood that I'll be late.  Stay warm today.  Play in the sunshine if you can.

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