Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now There's Rain

I saw a national weather map while I was waiting for my coffee to heat up in the microwave.  The whole middle of the country's supposed to get storms.  Happily we're on the fringe so the bad, dangerous storms should skip us but today my world is a world of gray and damp.  Whoop.  Since I'm either getting a cold or allergies and I strained the muscles behind my left knee in yoga last night (I don't know how I did that either but I sure wish I hadn't), I feel just dandy.  (can you hear the sarcasm?)  I guess rain is better than snow.  At least we don't have to shovel rain.  It makes everyone miserable when they have to go outside but it isn't snow.  I hear they're saving that for tomorrow.  I.Can't.Wait.  (April showers bring May flowers.  What do Mayflowers bring?  Pilgrims.  That was one of DD's favorite riddles when she was a kid.)

Let's see, what do I have to tell you that's cheerful?  Ummm, the Wii said that I lost a little weight between yesterday and today.  Now I know that daily weighing's not a realistic measurement but it sure is a bright spot on this dreary day.

I changed all my crap into a red purse yesterday and realized that I really don't like that purse.  It's not a cheap purse either but the leather never got more supple than say, plate steel.  Even the straps are stiff and sharp-edged, and I've used it, not for a day here and there either.  I love the color but hate the purse.  Putting my hand in it is like shoving it into a metal pocket.  So I dug out a soft brown leather bucket of a purse when I got home after yoga and moved all my crap again.  All of the stuff is kind of jumbled in it but I know I'll like it better.  The red one's going to Goodwill tomorrow.  To.Morrow.  Even though it's red, I am so over that purse.

April 18--Edward Hopper, Tables for Ladies.

white linen tablecloths
cheeses round as breasts
delicate lettuces in icy bowls
crooked fingers of pale pink shrimp
beckon Ladies to lunch
where the Perrier flows like champagne
with hot gossip for dessert

I do believe that's the first Hopper I've seen that isn't Nighthawks, still in a restaurant though.  He must have eaten out a lot or never left the city.  I'll have to Bing him later during the down times.  Sorry I couldn't be more cheerful today.  How about I end with my favorite riddle.  Ready?  

How do you mail a chicken?  In a hen-velope.  

Now, go find a kid and share a giggle. 

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