Thursday, April 4, 2013

Actual Paying Customers

Yesterday I had to call Mrs. Boss to ask about... something and she told me she'd spoken to a guy from Sheboygan over the weekend who said he planned to come in to buy everything so she reminded me what discounts I could give on what, which I appreciated because my mind's not as sticky as it used to be and stuff slides out.  Jim and his buddy, Dave, arrived around 1 o'clock... and didn't leave until 4 o'clock.  Holy crap!  They both wanted regulators and Jim wanted everything else, except a snorkel.  Holy crap.  It was fun to have actual work to do at work, to put actual cash money into the till, to be able to call Mrs. Boss at the end of the day to tell her the total and hear the relief in her voice.  Dave spent $1600 and Jim spent $2900, and that was with across the board 10% discounts.  Holy crap indeed.  I felt kind of dizzy and head-spinny after they left.  It's been a long time since I've had a day like that.  Years even.  It's on days like that that I'm sorry I don't get a commission, but then I think of the rest of the time when I'd have nothing but moths in my wallet and I'm grateful for a salary.  Of course I usually wait until 1 o'clock to eat my soup to allow for lunch break customers so that meant I didn't get to eat until after 4 but I didn't mind one bit.

Then I got to go to yoga after work.  It was lovely to stretch my body.  I especially like triangle pose and cobbler's pose (because I can do them, I guess) and can approximate others.  I'm great at corpse pose (lying flat on your back at the end of class), cobra pose (lying flat on your tummy) and not bad at plank but totally sucky at most of the rest.  I don't mind.  Mardi says there's no judging in yoga; there's no snoring either but there is farting on occasion (toot!). Doing yoga makes me feel good.  I need to do yoga more.

April 4--Amadeo Modigliani, Boy in a Striped Sweater.

Solemn blue eyes gaze
from the smooth face, a quirk
of a smile adds a twinkle to them.

Rusty red hair cut
high and tight over jug ears
springs above.

Navy jacket and sailor-striped sweater
make his red hair richer
and his blue eyes pop.

Master Reginald McPhee
on the brink of growing
from boy to man.
Looks like it's going to be another sunny day.  Watch, it'll be overcast and rainy tomorrow when I'm off work.  Ah well, I'm not staying at work just so the sun stays out.  I know that I'm not really the cause of weather but sometimes I'm not so sure.  Plan something fun for the weekend.  Do it.

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Aunt B said...

Love the little poem about Master Reginald McPhee. I can see him in my mind.