Sunday, April 21, 2013

One Of These Days...

I'll wake up, open the shade, and there WON'T be frost on the roofs.  Tsk.  It's April 21st, people, when is it going to warm up?  Hmmm?  I'm waiting, and I'm not the only one.  I looked around in the backyard yesterday evening when I went out to fill up the birdbath so it didn't FREEZE overnight and found a few brave poppy leaves have sprouted and there's a fist or two of rhubarb poking out of the dead leaves (I prefer to think of them as mulch) that blew over them in the winter but that's about it.  Evidently the squirrels aren't convinced that it's Spring either because there are a jillion little "planting" holes all over the garden and yard.  They've shifted back into "save for winter" mode.  Sheesh.  If peanuts and corn sprout our yard's going to be a forest.  Sometimes the corn does sprout, I just mow it.

I am so over this cold.  Unfortunately it isn't over me.  I'm never sure how well a cold pill will work for me but I found out, in spades, last night after supper when my Tylenol quit and my head filled up.  I felt like I was drowning where I stood.  Not good.  I even waited a bit so that I thought the next one would carry overnight and let me sleep until, oh say, 7 o'clock today.  No such luck.  At 5:47 AM my eyes, no, my right eye opened (because the left one was too swollen-feeling) and I was awake because I couldn't breathe--and I had to pee of course but that's normal.  What isn't normal is that I couldn't go back to sleep because of all the mucous crowding my brain.  Evidently it smothered my sleep center and it wouldn't turn back on.  Dammit.  I feel like I could go back to sleep now but CBS Sunday Morning's going to be on in about 45 minutes and I can't miss that.  Perhaps I can snooze on the couch when it's over or even, gasp, lie down on the bed and snooze later.  I never do that, lay down in bed and nap, never.  Durwood's the napper in this family.  (I wonder if either of the kids take after him. DS?  DD?)  I suspect that the energy I had yesterday that let me meet a friend, do errands with Durwood, and get the laundry done has abandoned me.  All I have to do today is carry said laundry upstairs, make some honey mustard salad dressing, and (maybe) finish the Green Shrug.  Maybe I can do all three.  If not, I blame the snot.

April 21--Balkan, Flintlock Pistol.

Such beautiful work--
silver inlay,
coral enamel,
delicate scroll work,
rich oil-rubbed wood.
Was it an accessory
like a Coach purse?
Or was it a weapon
for shooting people?

Sorry, not very creative.  I blame the snot.  Enjoy your day.  It looks like it might be a nice one.  If only my head hadn't been taken over by aliens...

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David said...

I don't manage a nap very often, but I like my naps to be in bed. So I guess I take more after Dad as far as napping goes.