Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, My Little Chickadees

I hope by now all the eggs are found or rescued, all the baskets are explored, all chocolate bunnies nibbled, and all the bonnets are ready for the Easter parade.  Do you have a bonnet?  I don't.  I used to have one every year when Dad bought Mom and me corsages and we went to Sunday Mass and wore little white gloves and shiny patent leather shoes.  I do think I might wear a skirt to Easter lunch at J&HZ's later.  It isn't really spring-y but I like it.  (Hey, it'll be festive enough for this casual age.)(I just got dressed and was less than thrilled to discover that the box of pantyhose I bought months ago isn't black; it's off-black.  Yes, OFF-black, I read it correctly.  It's gray, people, off-black is gray.  I suppose gray pantyhose are a hard sell, but I really wanted black.  I don't wear hose much so I guess they'll do.  I'm too cheap to toss them and too fashion unconscious to care.)

Durwood decided to make his mom's recipe for kolachkes yesterday so that we will have a nice hostess gift--and some for him to eat too.  I didn't realized that he hadn't ever made them before so there was a lot of "technical advisor" stuff for me to do.  I didn't really mind.  That also meant that he was unaware that there's a difference between almond "paste" and almond "filling."  Turns out Walmart doesn't have the filling so he made his best and only choice, paste, which we'll now have to make something with because of course he opened it and it wasn't until then I realized that it wasn't the right stuff, and it cost over $4.  I had to run out for powdered sugar for my bunny cake's frosting so I snagged the last can of almond filling at Copps--when every other person in northeastern WI was out shopping.  Walmart was a zoo.  A zoo!  I nearly got myself creamed in the parking lot.  I forgot where I parked so I was looking out over the lot and didn't look out for cars.  Don't do that.  Luckily the lady was looking so she didn't flatten me and she rolled down her window to tell me so.  In a nice way.  That's what comes from not "being in the moment."

On St. Paddy's Day HZ invited us to have Easter with them and asked if I'd make a bunny cake like I did last year.  JZ said I could make that bunny cake "as long as you make it out of that bread" meaning the soda bread I'd made for that day.  I thought it'd be fun to make soda bread in a bunny pan.  Not only did I not find a bunny pan, the "character" cake pans I did find started at $15 and went up.  Too pricey for a funny, so I bought a foam bunny ears visor at Michaels and made a half batch of soda bread this morning.  I plan to just stretch the ears around the bread and tell them that I didn't want to go against J's command... all the while having the real bunny cake in the car.  Tee hee.  I'm so clever.  (Just ask me)

March 31--La Maison Martine, Silk Textile.  Leah opened her eyes and blinked at the shapes.  Purple and orange disks loomed over her like alien eyes.  She was cold and stiff.  She tried to stretch her legs but they were stuck in something that scratched at her ankles.  Her hands were numb but she could move them.  At least she thought she was moving them.  It was dark and she couldn't really see if they moved.  It felt like it.  She held still and listened.  There wasn't much sound.  A muffled wailing seemed to come from far away.  She wasn't at all certain that she wasn't the one making the sound.

Well... okay then.  Have a Happy Easter, and I hope you find all your eggs.

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