Friday, March 8, 2013

I Love Sleeping In...But I Hate Sleeping Late

Yeah, contradictory I know, but here it is nearly 9 o'clock and I still feel like I just rolled out of bed.  It feels like I've slept away half the day even though I got up before 7:30 and have spent the intervening hour and a half finding the right needle to make my knitting guild homework on--and figuring out that way back when I started this little project last night on double point needles that I twisted the stitches when joining them and now I have to start over.  $#%^&!!!  I don't usually mind starting over if I have too little or too much tail left but this is 116 stitches and that's a lot to redo, plus it says to cast on with US7s and then knit with US5s.  I don't know why but that means that I've got to wrassle two different needles and, and I'm just not in the mood for all that goofing around right now.  I'm in a mood.  Have been for weeks and I can't figure out how to get out of it.  And it's pi$$ing me off, which only adds to my MOOD and isn't helping.  This morning I got smart and dug out a set of interchangeable circular needles so I can just change the tips without having to wrangle a second needle or set of double points.  Gah!  All I can say is, poor Durwood, he's stuck with me, although his breathing is better so he can get out to the grocery and away from home and me.

March 8--Giovanni della Robbia, Dovizia.  There were frogs everywhere.  Isabel could hear their sticky toes as they hopped across the tiles and she was fascinated with their gulping enjoyment of the ants they caught on their sticky tongues.  She tried to imagine how it would feel to eat an ant with all its waving legs.  She got as far as catching an ant but she couldn't bring herself to put it in her mouth.  Her best friend Natalia said that ants tasted like pickles.  Isabel wanted to believe her and she also wanted to prove her wrong but she just couldn't manage to get one past her lips.  Diego and Max said they ate frogs legs in France.  That everybody ate frogs legs every day.  Isabel watched the tiny frogs hop and thought that a person would have to eat a hundred frogs' worth to fill them up.  She wondered if they only ate the big back legs or if they ate the scrawny front ones too.  Maybe she would catch the frogs so that Mama could make frogs legs.  But didn't frogs give people warts?  Would you get warts in your mouth from eating frogs?  Or was that toads?

Okaaaaay.  Not sure where that came from, but it came and fast.  It's sunny again which makes me feel good.  What should I do today?  Dunno.  I'll think of something.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Glad it's sunny. Bound to improve your bad mood!