Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Progress Report

I've been happily knitting two-row stripes of Fino into a Bias Scarf this week.  I didn't anticipate having the blue center of each skein come at the same time but I'm happy to see that dark and light blues are still making obvious stripes.  I'm about halfway through the skeins so this is close to the middle of the scarf.  It occurs to me that I should have made the scarf a bit narrower to make it longer... but I'll deal.  The Wool Ease one that I made for myself got feet longer and much narrower over time.  It'll be okay.

I weighed the rest of the skein of Lustro to see that there's less than a quarter of the 50 grams left so I went back to k2,p2 ribbing for using up the rest.  The only question is when to start binding off so as to have inches of yarn left when I'm done.

I told Durwood yesterday as I sat knitting on the Gray Stripe sock in the pulmonologist's waiting room that I should change the name to the Doctor's Office sock since I started it when we were in a doctor's office and hadn't worked on it since.  But I won't change it; I don't really want to be reminded of all of our hours in waiting rooms this winter.  I'm not thrilled at the way the gray pooled but it seems to be fixing itself--and it's a sock that will spend most of its life in a boot.

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