Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Splurged

We went to Red Lobster's Lobsterfest last night and demolished a pair of 1 1/4# lobsters.  They came with salad and a potato; I declined a potato but Durwood managed to eat the inside of his.  I confess that I made 3 of the Cheddar Bay biscuits disappear.  We both needed to get the heck out of the house not running errands.  We actually talked.  About random stuff like work and the new Pope (he's from our side of the Atlantic, amazing!) and just general stuff.  Like a real conversation.  It was nice.

The sun's out again today.  It's cold, yes, but the sun's out.  The. Sun. Is. Out.  I can't say that enough.  At this time of year, that's tantamount for me.  The sun is out.  My eyes are more open, my spine is straighter, my mood is lifted (somewhat, I don't want to go all crazy and be cheerful, I'd get whiplash, Durwood would think I had a fever or had a stroke ;-}), it's good to be sunny out.  Did I mention that the sun's out?  The sky is clear and blue and it's sunny.  Hooray.

Oh, also it's Pi Day.  Happy 3.14!  I should whip up a little pie before work... I'm sure there's a box of pudding out there and I know we've got graham crackers.

March 14--Egypt, Lion Furniture Leg.  When she was a little girl Sienna was afraid of the old lion that stood in her grandmother's library.  It wasn't real, it was carved wood and plaster but it stood in the shadows and she was sure that she saw it blink or breathe more than once.  She knew it wasn't real, she was young but not foolish enough to think that her grandmother would keep a real lion around.  Besides there was a zoo not too far away so Sienna knew what real live lions looked and sounded like.  Her cousin Tim had been caught more than once astride the carved lion and been punished.  She didn't tell on him either.  Aunt Gertie was the one who saw him and got mad about it.

Damn that Aunt Gertie for spoiling Tim's fun.  There's always some spoilsport to squash a kid's imaginings, isn't there?  There's not enough playing pretend in this world anymore.  Nobody uses their imagination much.  What a waste.  What a pity.  Hey, did you hear?  The sun's shining.  Woohoo.  And tonight's the Knitting Guild meeting and I've got my "homework" done for the program so I can learn some new stuff.  That should be fun.  Bye for now.

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