Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today's Sunrise Looks Like Spring's Coming

I don't know what's different today from the previous sunny sunrises but suddenly the light's more yellow, less blue and cold looking.  I mean, it is March, which in Green Bay, Wisconsin only means it doesn't drop below freezing as often in the day and usually stays above zero at night.  Mmm, warm.  Not.  But it's better.  There's a promise of spring in the color of the light and the feel of the air.  Just a promise but it sure changes how I feel.  How about you?  Are you seeing any signs of spring, real or imaginary?

I had exactly zero customers yesterday.  No packages arrived for me to check in, price, and put away.  Not even anybody who came in to look and didn't buy.  The only work work I had was the handful of unsold manuals TD brought back from the university classes that I had to put back into inventory.  Big whoop.  ES stopped in to fax some insurance papers and we chatted.  Aside from a call from a supplier for an order clarification, that was it for my work day.  Or should I say "work" (imagine those are air quotes) day, since the only work I did was keep myself from falling asleep by knitting and listening to an audiobook.  Tsk.

another Clearing photo from last Friday
I went on an ice-melt-salt safari last night on my way home.  I'm determined to chip away at that driveway/street glacier this weekend when it's supposed to get near 40 degrees and I was down to less than 10# of salt.  I stopped first at Fleet Farm, asked the greeter girl and she sent me to the very back of the store where a boy clerk told me that they were out.  He did say that there was rock salt in the Farming department that might work.  No, thanks, ice-melt-salt doesn't kill the grass, rock salt does and Durwood's kind of picky about that.  So I moved on towards Menards but decided to swing into Woodman's.  Score!  Not only did I motion over a young man clerk to hoist 2 of the 50# bags into my cart, they were only ten bucks total, then I left the cart at parcel pick-up to get the car and the cart kid put it in the back for me.  That way I only had to carry it from the hatchback into the garage.  And I was home in time to watch Jeopardy!.  When Fleet was out I was afraid that everyone would be out, in fact, I called Durwood to let him know that I might be late because I was on a salt quest.  Turns out it wasn't much of a quest, but I was prepared to go far for salt, I hate to be out since our driveway's so slanted and melt water freezes into sheets very easily on it.

March 7--Gilbert Stuart, Louis-Marie, Vicomte de Noailles.  It was a long ride with no talking.  Louie felt welded to the saddle and his mouth was dry and stuck shut.  For a while when they started out it was too early and both of them were too sleepy to talk.  There were a few words exchanged before the heat of the day bore down on them...

Speaking of sleepy, that's when I crapped out.  There's a sleep-scribble over the word "heat" in that last phrase.  Sorry about that, but I have to say I like falling asleep too easily better than not being able to fall asleep.

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Aunt B said...

Oh yeah -- falling asleep easily is sooooo nice. I turned in very early last night and nodded off around nine. Had my usual date with Alex Trebek at 7:30 though. It's so gratifying to get that Final Jeopardy question/answer right!