Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Snowing--Again

Ugh.  It isn't supposed to pile up much more than an inch or maybe three, but still everyone's ready for the snow to stop and the warming to start.  When I left for work yesterday IN THE SUNSHINE (I'm not hollering at you, I'm hollering at Mother Nature) I noticed that the daffodils are bravely poking their little green noses up not only among the dead mums against the house but also right out in the open down at the corner of the house.  Yay, daffodils are coming!

I did have a box of sugar-free chocolate fudge pudding and a sleeve of graham crackers, not enough liquid milk but a box of dry milk powder to make milk, so I whipped up a Pi Day pie before I went to work.  When I got home from the knitting guild meeting last night Durwood and I had a piece of Pi pie.  It was yummy.  I kind of had to chisel it out of the pie plate (I might have overcooked the crust a bit in the microwave) but it tasted great despite its rumpled shape.  I've started putting brown sugar into my graham cracker crust instead of white and it really ramps up the flavor.  I recommend it.

Today I plan to scour the bathroom for sure and maybe start in this corner of the bedroom and brutally get rid of things.  This room is crammed with things everywhere and needs cleaning out badly.  It's too cluttered to dust and it really needs it.  Can you say pack rat?  Or is it just laziness?  Nah, it's pack-ratty-ness, I'm sure of it.

March 15--Joan Miro, Potato.  In this Suess-ian world the flying clockwork jester clambers up the golden slide topped by a one-eyed dancing dog.  A goggle-eyed dragon gaks up his progeny while the mitt-handed potato woman squirts ink from her lone breast.  She has a guppy for a heart, a flock of stingrays instead of butterflies in her stomach, and her tiny, non-dominant hand reaches for a bloody blade with acrobatic midgets swinging from it.  Now that's art.

That was fun.  I am demoralized by the snow.  I need a hat with sunshine in it that I can put on when it's like this.  Bah.  Enjoy your luncheon/bridge party, Aunt B.  Those three ladies just better fall back in amazement at your table.  I wish I was there (in the warm) to waitress.  Oh, that reminded me of Uncle David teasing Grandma about waitressing at one of your Twelfth Night parties wearing an apron like a pad of paper that she could "tear one off" when it got dirty.  Its kind of confused but it makes me smile because Grandma laughed so hard.  That must have been when Durwood and I were there on our honeymoon in 1976.  Good god, that was forever ago.  On that depressing thought I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

The bridge lunch thing was a tremendous success. And it's so nice to read your memory of those Twelfth Night parties. I still have the recipe for the (very potent) Velvet Hammer punch we served. Hate it that you're STILL having to struggle with snow!!!