Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clawing My Way Toward The Weekend

duck prints in the snow!
It's funny how the week goes.  When the alarms (yes, alarms, I'd rather stay in bed) wake me on Monday it seems like the weekend is miles away and a mere two mornings later it seems like the weekend's just around the corner.  It's only five days from weekend to weekend, and for me it's really four days since I always have Friday off, so it isn't much time in all.  Maybe my perceptions stretch and snap back.  I don't know.  It was just something non-crabby, non-blah to talk about today.

The thermometer in my car said that it was 45 degrees yesterday.  I couldn't believe it.  I even wore a fleece jacket with a vest over it when I erranded.  I went to the bank (yay for cashing paychecks and depositing the first payment for my week of writing workshop in May!) and then to Aldi because yesterday was the last day they had pineapple for $1.99 and strawberries for 99 cents.  (can someone tell me why they took the cents sign off the keyboard?)  Durwood bought a grab-bag of produce at Woodman's for 99 cents that had 3 bananas, 2 green peppers, 3 plums, 1 Brussels sprout, a lime, and probably 2 lbs. of okra.  All for 99 cents!  One plum and part of one green pepper were a bit too old for consumption but he added the single sprout to our dinner broccoli, diced up and froze the peppers, then he cut up the okra and sauteed it with a few Roma tomatoes.  It smelled great and will be an excellent veggie with tonight's roast chicken leftovers.  I'm going to let the bananas age so I can make a banana cake for Easter dessert.  I saw our neighbors at Aldi, she's making Easter dinner, and talked about making a banana pie.  I thought, hmm, banana cake.  See, DIL1's not a fan of thick, extra sweet frosting so I figure I can make a bit of cream cheese frosting to hold some flake coconut onto it and, BAM!, cake.  I also plan to make a half batch of soda bread for JZ who told me that "you can make a bunny cake as long as it's made with THAT bread."  He had soda bread crumbs in his chin at the time.  Message received.  I don't want my plate to be on the driveway on Sunday.

March 27--Domenichino, Landscape with Moses and the Burning Bush.  Okay.  How gullible do you have to be to believe that a burning bush is talking to you AND that it's God's voice?  Think of Mrs. Moses.  He comes in from a hard day's shepherding and tells her that God spoke to him from a burning bush and told him... what?  Something about saving his people is what Moses probably said to the missus.  If her mother was there and heard that you'd better bet she told her daughter that she never should have married him.  Mrs. Moses probably worried that he'd been spending too much time alone with his sheep or maybe that he fell and hit his head on a rock.  You know that the Moses' neighbors whispered about him going on about talking to God who appeared in a burning bush and that he seemed to be developing a savior complex and they had no intention of following him anywhere especially not out of Egypt where they had made their lives.  In this painting it looks like Moses is in Italy.  I'm pretty sure he was never there.  It was too far to walk to, especially with his sheep, besides he has no shoes.

Sorry.  My brain went off on a tangent about how gullible you'd have to be to believe the whole God in a bush thing.  Hey, the sun's out.  I feel miles cheerier.  Enjoy your day.  I'm going to work.  Maybe customers will come.


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