Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Chipmunk's Back

See?  Durwood noticed it the other day and yesterday Chester (that's what Mom named him/her) was perched on the patio step surveying his domain and rooting out errant birdseed.  I thought he was sooo cute so I put a handful of peanuts in the shell in the planter for him.  That's before I saw that he is digging his hole right in my ferns.  Tsk.  Too late to take the peanuts back.

I need to get some energy, some gumption back.  I've been sitting on my duff EATING everything that isn't nailed down for some time now, and it has to stop.  I need some sunny days, sunny days in a row.  I don't really care if it's warm, of course I'd prefer warm days, but right now, right this minute I'll take any sort of sunny days left in the bin for March.  It looks right now like today will be sunny and I'm thrilled.  I can already feel that I'm sitting up a little straighter.

I went for a haircut to a new person yesterday.  She was okay, I mean my hair is cut, I won't be able to judge how I like it until I shower later but she was a nice person and seemed to do an okay job.  I don't have the hairdo gene, don't have the ability to style my hair, only comb it so there's not a lot they can do for me or to me that I can replicate.  It was thirty bucks.  My old stylist was twenty.  I'll be looking for someone more in the twenty dollar range.  Thirty seemed like a lot.  Am I old?  Out of touch?  Probably.

March 13--Joseph Mallord William Turner, Venice, from the Porch of Madonna della Salute.  She could tell the time of day by the sounds outside her window.  The chiming of the rigging on the anchored sailboats lulled her to sleep on warm nights.  She imagined that the summer sun crisped the ripples with its heat and searing light and the brittle sound of the water on the pilings in winter made her shiver.  That day it was soft early spring with air as warm as a mother's caress.  She wore a new dress in pale yellow lawn with tiny blue flowers embroidered on it and pale bone-colored flats.  butterflies must feel like this on their first day out of their cocoons, she thought.

It's another work day.  Yay!  Maybe I'll have customers.  Maybe I'll be busy and productive.  Maybe I'll stay awake.  See ya.

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