Monday, March 4, 2013

I Couldn't Wait

At Friday Night Knitting I finished Double Thick Cloth #4 so there were only two WIPs in my bag. 

That meant that the needles I needed (US7 pointy Knit Picks Harmony wood ones) to cast on a Bias Scarf in the Gedifra Fiorista Fino I bought on Friday morning.  I held off, trying to convince myself that I should finish another project before firing up another one, but I printed off the pattern (and was surprised to see a scarf that I knitted nearly six years ago as a gift for DIL1 as the pattern example photo) and wound the skeins so they'd be easier to use.  Then I made a slipknot and set off--2 rows from one skein, 2 rows from the other.  I took it along to Family Supper and knitted a few rows during our after supper conversation and I've been beavering away at it ever since.  I like the way it's turning out, don't you?

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