Saturday, March 9, 2013

Has a Project Ever Resisted Making More?

I tackled the knitting guild homework with renewed vigor yesterday afternoon after I discovered that in all my futzing around with it on Thursday night and all my careful checking I had indeed had the cast-on twisted so I was essentially knitting a mobius.  Can't have that.  So I ripped it all out and recast it on, muttering all the time.  Then the needles that I thought were going to be my salvation weren't.  Knitting with them made my hands hurt so I switched back to double points.  But those are like knitting with a toddler on my lap because the project's too big around so the points of the needles I'm not using poke me and get in the way of the ones I'm working with, it's too floppy for them to be rigid in the stitches.  Happily I didn't put the set of interchangeable tips and cables away yesterday afternoon so I could pull them back out, grab a bit longer cable, and knit the stitches off the double points onto the (3rd? 4th?) try at knitting this on circs.  You understand that this is just a swatch, right?  I'm only making it so that I can sit at knitting guild on Thursday and (maybe) learn how to knit with two colors which is called stranded knitting or Fair Isle.  It's the technique that makes those snowflake and reindeer sweaters that go in and out of fashion so regularly.  As HH said at knitting night last night, it's a good thing I didn't wait until the night before to do this.  Word.  (do they even say that anymore?)  Gah!
I didn't manage to chop out any of the glacier yesterday, mostly because it's such a monumental job, but I think I might get dressed, see if I can't find the ice chopper thing, and go out to chop.  It's not sunny but it's warm out there.  I need the exertion and to burn off the frustration.  It's supposed to rain tonight.  Rain.  That'll make a real ice rink out there on the street.  Double gah.

And I just tried to see about buying a new battery for the Kumquat (laptop) on eBay but the page wouldn't open.  Triple gah.

Time to chop ice, me thinks.  Get rid of ALL my frustration.

The other day on Living with Amy she demoed making a bubble loaf stuffed with cheese and ham.  Durwood got some frozen bread dough, I put it in the fridge to thaw last night, and today we're going to play with dough and diced cheese.  Yay!

March 9--Fernand Leger, Woman with a Cat.  (Oh yes, I often sit naked in a chair reading with a cat on my lap.)  The room was stark white and black with touches of yellow and red.  The upholstered pieces were square and white, not inviting, not comfortable.  The room screamed "decorator," like it had been cut out of a slick magazine and hung in the room.  All image, no warmth.  Gee wasn't even sure the room was meant to be lived in.

All-righty then.  Are you doing something fun this weekend?  I hope so.  I'm going to go do battle with a vast sheet of frozen water.  Anybody got a bulldozer I can borrow?

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Aunt B said...

Well, Barbara, you are definitely ready for Spring! All that ice is making you sooooo frustrated! But playing with dough and cheese sounds like good therapy. And then you can eat it!!!