Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's... Snowing

Good god, again.  Still.  Whatever.  I'm done with snow.  And snowing.  And etc.

I did a lot of walking yesterday, both alone and together with Lala.  We went down to the beach but weren't wearing our boots and it was pretty wet and sloppy so we didn't go to the water's edge.  We went back to the Art Center because they've got a "glass gallery" (we civilians call that a greenhouse) with three giant monkey shapes made of moss hanging from vines and you can check out an art kit from the desk and then go in there and draw.  It's obviously aimed toward children but I really wanted to do it and Lala went along.  We had a blast.  I did a lot better than I thought I would with the sketching pencil, colored pencils and eraser.  Lala's picture is good too.  Like I said, we enjoyed it.  I asked at the desk in the hotel where we could get a good burger and the guy reminded me that just a few blocks south of here is the Charcoal Inn which is one of those places where your food comes wrapped in waxed paper, not on a plate, and it's all buttery and bad for you and delicious.  We walked down there for supper, and were planning to walk back to the lake to watch the moon rise but it clouded up so no moonrise.  So we sat in here and talked.  It was good.  And not windy and cold.

Did you ever eat a frozen orange?  I put four oranges into the in-room fridge when I arrived.  I ate 2 yesterday, they were damned cold.  This morning's orange was frozen solid as a billiard ball.  I sawed it in half, then quarters, then eighths--and it still wasn't thawed when I ate it twenty minutes later.  Now that's FROZEN.

I didn't write last night, I was tired, so this is all you get today.  I'll be packing up in a minute because I want to leave around 10 AM so I'm not racing around like a crazed weasel to get ready for the week.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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Aunt B said...

OK you're a writer AND an artist! Definitely a hidden talent. I cannot believe more snow up there! We had rain all weekend and griped about that -- but at least it wasn't snow.