Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Had To Work At Work

I was amazed to realize that I had actual, steady work at work yesterday.  Customers (paying ones even!), phone calls, stock to enter, price, and put away--until I came to awareness that it was after 2 PM already.  I'll admit that I stole out half an hour to eat my (green chicken soup & fruit) lunch around 1 o'clock but aside from that I was busy workingworkingworking.  Just like a real job.

DS & DIL1 are corning a beef brisket and they've invited us to share a St. Paddy's Day lunch with them on Sunday.  (plus the bag of peels for "the ladies" is getting full so we'll take that along for Henny & Penny)  Yes, they take a regular brisket and corn their own in brine and spices.  No, it doesn't turn pink like the commercial ones, but it's totally delicious.  I/we'll be making Irish Soda Bread as our contribution to the feast, we just haven't picked a recipe yet.

Well, we didn't get the 3-5 inches of snow they threatened us with yesterday; we only got a trace that melted as it fell.  This morning there's a trace, a dusting of snow but nothing that needs shoveling, sweeping maybe but not shoveling.  I'm good with no more big snows this winter, even though I'd like to snowshoe one more time before I put them away for the season.  Maybe a night time one in Colburn Park with KW if conditions present themselves...

March 12--Egyptian, Miniature Broad Collar.  Leah ran her hand over the heavy gold collar.  The inlays of turquise and lapis lazuli glimmered shades of blue in the sunlight.  She thought of the craftsman hunched over his work tapping the cold into shape and cutting tiny shapes of the stones to fit the spaces.  A shadow fell over her.  She turned to see a man silhouetted in the sun.  "I'd like to see you wearhing that," he said.  "You know I can't," she said with a nervous laugh.  Clark stood too close and his words alwys held an edge of disdain or challenge.  "Don't put it in the safe tonight, Leah.  Take it to your room and wear it.  Do it for me."  The intensity in his voice nearly tempted her to do as he said but she shook her head and heaved an inward sigh of relief when her friend Diane came to get her for a walk by the river before supper.

Hmm.  You have a good day.  I'm going to give it my best too.  Oh, DS told me that this is considered the "Year of the Comets" so if the clouds cooperate by staying away we could see a comet.  Wouldn't that be cool?

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