Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Still a Stella

 I am pleased to see at least one yellow little Stella d'Oro lily every day up on the retaining wall.


The Downy Woodpecker came to the suet pellets and hid behind the crook but then it flew down to the suet cakes and posed like a nice birdie.  It didn't stay long but long enough for me to take its picture.


I started the how-to-draw in 30 days book the other day and here's today's effort.  We're starting with basic concepts like placement, setting, and light source.  I'm enjoying it.

This evening I got to the point of changing out one of the burnt orange yarns and adding in the green and orange variegated one.  It's hard to see but, trust me, I've done two rows and will do more tomorrow.  Ever so slowly the rows are getting shorter.

Sundown tonight was pretty.  Not a big cloud bank to get painted with colors but the sky bore the colors pretty well.  I like the dusky purple of the sky with the peach light at the horizon.

Today's toss was a book on how to organize your life.  I bought it and never used it.  I guess organizing this place was too big a job.

The prompt today said to listen to classical music and then write a story about how it made you feel.   I didn't.  I wrote about discordant music making someone so crazy they were sick.  Go figure.

I've been writing a page of dialogue every day.  Last week at my conference with the writing coach I complained about not being able to write fiction these days but I said, "I can write dialogue all day."  So she challenged me to do just that.  I'm using the Page-a-day calendar art pictures to prompt the dialogue.  I've done it three times now, just a page a day, and it's kind of fun.  An interesting exercise.


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Aunt B said...

I think the first line in that book on how to organize your life you tossed would be "throw away this book." And I love your drawing! You have many talents and I'm impressed.