Sunday, October 3, 2021

And The Rain Came

It was nearly as dark as night when I woke up at 6:30 this morning.  I guess having spent the week getting up that early so I could do yoga before our 7:30 breakfast got me into the habit.  That's a habit I'll be happy to break.  It barely got lighter, there was one flicker of lightning and a little thunder, then it started to rain.  Not a downpour, just enough to get everything wet and it kept on drizzling for a few hours.

When I leaned out to take the picture of the rainy birdbath I saw that the geraniums were glowing in the low, rainy light so I snapped their picture too.  I wasn't going out in the rain but I for sure wanted a picture of them.

I took a book down to Office Max yesterday afternoon to have the spine cut off and get it coil bound.  It's a how-to-draw book that's much easier to use when it lays flat.  It was supposed to be ready at noon so I hopped in the car and tootled off to the office store.  Hold it, I forgot that there was a Packer game in town today and that people go to the stadium 3 hours ahead of the kickoff to tailgate so I found myself in the middle of that traffic.  Arrgh.  There were lots of police directing traffic and lots of cars all going in one direction, the same direction I was headed but I managed to skirt the worst of it and get past the snarl.  I took another route home.

I remembered that there's a closeup setting on my camera so I went outside to see what I could find.  This weed flower had a bee hanging from it and sleeping.  It must have been sleeping because it wasn't moving.

The pink sedum is almost done blooming.  Only this small flower head is still pink, the rest have turned brown.

I am enjoying the newly blooming Black-eyed Susans and I like being able to get close to them.  I think they're prettier in the bluish overcast light of the day.

A House Finch landed on the tube feeder today and stayed long enough for a picture.  I haven't seen one of these in quite a while, ever since the chipmunk started emptying out the safflower seeds from the platform feeder.

I worked on the Comfort Baby Blanket today, adding a few, diminishing rows.  Each row is shorter than the previous one by a single stitch but still shorter.  Six more rows and I'll cut one of the burnt orange yarns and add in a variegated green one.

Today's toss was the vase my birthday flowers came in.  I have vases downstairs and don't need another.

The prompt today said to list all the words that you associate with "violet," "gray," "orange," and "white."  I had the most trouble with violet.  Once I got past spring flower and ultra, I was stuck.


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Aunt B said...

Thanks for all the great pictures today. But then they're always great. Love the geraniums especially. Thought about you during the Packer game yesterday. Sorry you got stuck in gametime traffic and glad to see them win.