Friday, October 15, 2021

Harbinger Of Winter

I looked out this morning and saw a single Dark-Eyed Junco pecking at the fallen seeds.  Yikes!  This is a bird that comes down from the Arctic to winter here.  Then this afternoon there was a whole flock of them under the feeders.  They're cute little birds but I'm not happy to see them because that means that winter is on the way, tout suite.  Arrgh.

I noticed that the sedum on the far side of the retaining wall is much darker than the sedum on my side.  It's a kind of bronze-y burgundy.  Pretty.


And here's the daily Stella d'Oro.  It was cool enough this morning that I turned on the furnace so it won't be too long before all of the flowers will be done for the season so I need to appreciate them while they last.

The drawing lesson today was to draw a little house.  I'm happy with parts of it but didn't feel especially inspired by it.  The mailbox is a little better I think.



Tonight at Friday Night Knitting I finished the body of the bib, one of the ties, and got almost done with the second tie.  I'm counting it done because there's only about 2 inches of tie left to knit and the tails to weave in.  I was surprised at the way the yarn color pooled in the middle section of the body of the bib and how the ties are coming out almost identical.  I didn't plan that.

Today's toss was a paperback, coffee table book of maps.

The prompt today was to write about forbidden love.  I got started writing about a teenager who fell in love with a college student in the neighborhood.  She even made friends with his dog to get closer to him but then I realized that I was writing about unrequited love instead and stopped.

The sun shone for part of the day and it drizzled for part of the day too.  I have high hopes that tomorrow it'll be mostly sunny and I can finally get out and mow the lawn.  The grass is getting so long that pretty soon I'll have to use a baler.


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Aunt B said...

Hate to think of the flowers going but time marches on. Cute little bib. Hope you get to mow today. I'm waiting for LD and Debbie to come so shopping is on our agenda.