Thursday, October 7, 2021


That was today.  It was sprinkling when I woke up and continued every once in a while for the rest of the day.  I managed to get to the grocery and home without getting rained on but every other time I wanted to go outside it was drizzling.  Such a dreary day.

The Stella d'Oro was the bright spot of the day.  There were a couple of them blooming but this one is the only one that was in focus.  I don't understand how the autofocus hits some just right and others not so much.

When I was out taking Stella's pictures I looked across the roof of the house to the leaves on the neighbors' trees turning colors.  It's not as pretty as it would be if the sun was shining but there was no chance of sunshine today, the clouds were too thick.  

There was a single orange day lily, a tiger lily, blooming today too.  

I worked on the Comfort Baby Blanket this afternoon and evening and added a few more rows.  I find myself distracted by what's on TV so I don't make dramatic progress.  I really should just listen to an audiobook while I knit since I can knit and listen better than I can knit and watch.

Today's toss was six gallon cans of Coleman fuel.  I had to wait until a Thursday to dispose of it because Thursday and Saturday are the days that the Hazardous Waste place is open.  I don't know what I'm going to do with the Coleman stove and lantern.  They each still have fuel in them so I can't donate them to Goodwill.  Maybe the Hazardous Waste people will take them too.  I should call and ask.

The prompt today asked what secrets haven't you ever told.  No chance.  If I haven't told my secrets to anyone there's no chance in hell that I'll tell them now or put them in the prompt book.  Nice try.

At the grocery today I went down the craft beer aisle to see if they have Zambaldi Beer but didn't find it.  However there was a man in a beer shirt working in the aisle and I asked if he was a distributor and he was.  He showed me that they did indeed have Zambaldi Beer and it's on an end.  He even said that Yard Games IPA is his favorite beer.  Score one for DS!


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Aunt B said...

How dare that prompt ask for your secrets! That is just so wrong. The autumn leaves and the baby blanket would fit right in our house at this time of year. It's the only time the colors in this place work for me. I still miss the Bald Eagle house.