Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Another Damp Day

It didn't rain but it was overcast and the lawn never really dried out so I was once again saved from mowing.  I suspect that this weekend the sun will come out a little and it'll be mowing time.  All of the flowers were rain speckled when I took their pictures.  You can see it the best on today's Stella d'Oro lily.

I like the way the Black-eyed Susan flowers seem to burst out of the little clump of leaves at the base.  Every plant is like that but I've never noticed it before.

In bird news, a Nuthatch flew in and spent some time pecking at the suet pellets.  It's hard to get a clear shot of it because I think the camera wants to focus on the crooks between me and the suet feeder but I try.

Today's drawing didn't amuse and please me the way yesterday's koalas did.  I confess that I just did the lesson and skipped the bonus challenge to draw a bouquet of these they-don't-really-look-like-roses roses.  To me it looks like a piece of paper wrapped around a stem.  Maybe I'll be happier with tomorrow's lesson.


This afternoon and evening I sat myself on the sofa and finished knitting the brim of the Eagle Eye Beanie for the knitting guild program on the 21st.  I was hoping to wait to knit this charcoal yarn on a sunny day but it's been cloudy and dreary for days. It's very tempting to forge ahead and jump into the fun part which is adding another color but I'm holding off until the meeting.

I saw a white spot in the grass and thought it was a piece of trash but when I got to it I discovered a little white flower.  I don't know what sort of weed it is but the flower is pretty.

Today's toss was some ballpoint pens.  I have too many pens, now I have fewer.

The prompt today said to write the first paragraph of the novel you've always wanted to write and then turn it into a play.  Yikes!  I've already written the novel I've always wanted to write.  It's called The Seaview, so I made an attempt to turn the beginning of it into a play.  Not very successfully, I suspect.

It was so damp today that I got chilled and had trouble getting warm so I put on a big, thick hoodie and warmed up after a while.  It seems too early to need the thick hoodie.


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Aunt B said...

Today's Stella D'Oro photograph is proof that it rained. Nice shot. I agree that it's too earlier for heavy hoodie weather. But it's getting closer all the time.