Thursday, May 26, 2016

Yes, the Colored Saran Wrap is Still From Mom's Stash

Aunt B commented on yesterday's post that the green Saran Wrap makes the burritos look like space food.  I agree but it also makes it easy for Durwood to find them in the jumble of stuff in the freezer, especially when the supply begins to dwindle.  (dwindle--isn't that a nice word?)  I think there's one more box, one more color of the crazy stuff down there; it may be pink.  Urgh.  To be honest, until I started making and freezing breakfast burritos for Durwood I just couldn't bring myself to use the colored wrap because it makes food look wrong, just wrong.  I don't like wasting things so I couldn't bring myself to just toss it out so using it this way salves my conscience and gets rid of the ugly stuff.

I knew as soon as I flung up my hands and just forged ahead with the Autumn Cumulus sock I'd get an email from the designer--and I got one last night.  She has a very interesting and particular way of picking up stitches that I wish she'd have detailed in the instructions (which she might have so I'll go back and reread the pattern).  That means I'll be doing a little backtracking later and, since shoving what's done onto my foot this morning, I suspect it's too big.  I'll wait until I've finished the next side scallop and then pick up stitches for the "between" one to see if that one pulls the sides and toe into something resembling my size.  Or I'll frog the whole darned thing and start over one size down.

At work I knitted on the Frustration Anklet so I'll have one sock finished before the end of the Mason Dixon Knitting One-Sock-KnitALong.  The purpose of the KAL was to encourage people to dig out their UnFinished Object sock projects to finish up this month.  I didn't have a UFO so I thought I'd plunge into the Cumulus sock.  When that flagged for wont of more precise stitch-picking-up directions, I grabbed onto a pattern suggestion by the Nashville half of Mason Dixon Knitting to make a Turkish Bed Sock which will make a great summer footie in tennis shoes.  I can't bring myself to wear shoes sockless, I just can't, so footies it is.  I need about an inch more foot and then I start the toe decreases.  I will totally have this done by the 31st, which is next Tuesday.  Totally.


It's foggy this morning.  Maybe misty would be a better term.  Anyway the light is flat and there are raindrops beaded on the lily of the valley leaves out back.  Lovely.

I have a new food addiction.  Aldi carries Simply Nature foods and I've been craving something crunchy like potato chips but potato chips are WAY too salty for me, but I checked the sodium content of these fancy veggie chips and it's only 4% so I bought some.  Oh my goodness, they're delicious.  I can eat a small handful, be satisfied, and it says on the label that 14 chips equals one vegetable serving.  Score!  And they're $2.79 a bag.  I can afford that.  The sweet potato ones are delish too, they've only got 3% sodium, and they're just under $2 a bag.  Score again!  I'm beginning to really like Aldi for more than their on-sale produce.

May 26--Douglas Peebles, Olympic Peninsula, WA.

Day's break
washes my face
in soft pink light.
My steps leave footprints
in the dewy grass.

This morning I decided that in June I'll only allow myself a maximum of 25 words to convey the essence of the photo I use for the prompt.  I'm going to keep poem-ing for a while.  It amuses me and seems like the right thing to do at this time in my mental development--or decay, as the case may be.  Hey, a new Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors opened up on the corner just down from the dive shop.  I'll probably have to make a stop soon to determine that their ice cream hasn't suffered any quality loss since the previous one closed about 10 years ago.  Market research is a good thing.  Off to find some Cheerios for breakfast, I think, or maybe an English muffin.  I need to leave for work in a hour.

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Aunt B said...

Baskin Robbins and Veggie Chips - one sounds better than the other. I could eat an entire bag of Lay's Potato Chips or a pint of ice cream. Not right now but later today. I can't believe all that Saran Wrap she had!