Monday, May 9, 2016

Intelligent Coffee

It only took me 5 weeks but I figured out how to carry a mug of coffee from the kitchen to the couch while using a walker.  This thermal mug, a remnant of Durwood's traveling salesman days, has a handle and a lid with an opening that closes so I can heat up coffee in the microwave, pour it into the mug, clap on the lid, crip into the living room and not spill a drop.  Intelligent coffee.

Lots of things have sprouted and grown while I've been stuck in Couch-land.  In the bed below the kitchen window lilies, day & of the valley, are up.  Under the honeysuckle bleeding hearts are tall and lush.  On the other side of the grill and trash can the rhubarb is up and begging to be made into rhubarb crisp or bread.  I am intending to oblige and whip up some rhubarb bread later.  I have to get myself down that step soon.  It's the one I slipped on and I'm kind of afraid of it.  I think I'll slide down on my bum the first (dozen) times.

I had set myself the task of writing up a few descriptions of some of the Guild's library books for the newsletter so I spent most of the afternoon struggling to write words that would entertain and entice people to check things out and got it shipped off to the newsletter person.  I promised that this will be an ongoing column she can count on to fill newsletter space so each month I'll haul home a few more books and patterns to keep up my end of the deal.  Remember the Popeye sweater book? If that Olive Oyl dress on the front isn't enough here's what's on the back cover--an oversize, mohair Betty Boop sweater.  Egad.

I get to go see the doc this morning so I stopped blogging to take a shower.  Man, a shower is the ultimate luxury, isn't it?  There's nothing like feeling clean and then smoothing lotion on your dry, flaky cast leg.  And I made an executive decision and put on jeans, capri jeans but jeans instead of yoga pants.  Now I feel almost human.  Almost.

After supper (steak with sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, fresh asparagus) last night I cast on the first Sudoku Throw joining strip.  My quibble with all of the other Sudoku afghans on Ravelry is that the strips joining the blocks aren't wide enough to differentiate one from the other, they just look like random squares joined by a thin black line.  Not mine.  I've cast on 15 sts which is making a strip about 3" wide which I think will make it about 2 1/2" once the blocks are attached.  Just what I'm aiming for.  Next time someone goes downstairs I'll have them bring up the rest of the completed blocks and a skein or two of the black yarn so I won't get stopped by running out in mid-strip.  If I get this done by July it will have been a Work In Progress for 8 full years.  Way to focus, Barbara! 

May 9--Douglas Peebles, Space Needle, Seattle, WA.

Like a UFO landed
the Space Needle anchors
a decaying section of the city.
Built for the future
but prostituted in the present
to distract tourists
from crumbling infrastructure.
Cracked cement of neighboring
buildings diminished confidence
in the safety of
the Needle.
It's Monday--again, but it's also sunny.  Not terribly warm here in the tundra but the sunshine is greatly appreciated.  Oh, and if you could send over an egg salad sandwich for my lunch I'd be grateful.

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Aunt B said...

So glad to see all that green in your photos from yesterday. Spring has indeed sprung -- while you were trapped on the couch. Life does go on!