Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Got Busy

I busy-ed around all of yesterday so there just wasn't time to blog.  I'll admit that I'm not as zippy as I was, oh, just over seven weeks ago.  Before my spectacular stunt on April 1st.  You remember that, I've been bitching about it since the day it happened--and yesterday I had a full-blown, hard to stop, crying jag about it.  God, that felt good.  Actually, that's what took up my blogging time.  I'm calling it a therapeutic cry and I did the best thing to cure things like that.  I spent a couple hours in the afternoon snuggling very small and medium-small children, and visiting with their amazingly grown up parents.  It's a miracle cure.

Thursday night was the Design-a-thon awards ceremony at Bay Lakes Knitting Guild.  I won first place in Category C--because mine was the only entry, not because the members judged it the best which kind of feels like I didn't really win but I guess if I was the only one ballsy enough to put an entry in the "hardest" or "most complicated" category that counts for a lot.  There, I just made myself feel better, and spending my yarn shop gift certificate later today will sweep up any residual feelings of inadequacy left in the corners of my psyche.

This was the sky that unfolded before me as I drove up the ramp onto the Mason St. bridge after Guild.  I was glad I had my phone in my pocket and the traffic was non-existent so I could snap this.  I love the sky and miss taking early morning shots for you.

At Walmart yesterday I was looking for some cactus planting medium so Durwood and I can get our first pineapple top planted.  Little tiny white roots are showing!  Time to plant!  Our second pineapple top is tucked into a brown paper lunch bag and spending a week in a dark, dry place, aka the bottom of a cupboard, because I found 2 different versions of how to grow a pineapple plant so we're trying both.  What else do we have to do?  The soil I bought is also good for citrus so next week we'll have fish, cut up a lime and plant a few of its seeds.  The next week we'll have more fish, cut up a lemon and plant those too.  I may get an avocado at Aldi later so we can sprout its pit.  I envision us with all manner of food-based plant growing experiments. (Note to self:  get a notebook and charge Durwood with keeping tabs on the growing.)

Rolling down the aisle I saw these two bags of plant fertilizer and immediately flashed back to my Grandma Angermeier's farm.  She's standing on the east side of the house where her hydrangeas are head-high and blooming wildly, some blue and some pink, and she's telling me that she puts ashes on some to turn them pink and something else on others to turn them blue.  Look, Grandma-in-a-bag.

I've been doing a bit of knitting.  I'm on the left side of the foot scallop of the Autumn Cumulus sock but I'm having issues with stitch-picking-up so I think I'm going to email the designer before I get too much further.  Also I cast on Sudoku Strip #2 for knit nights; it's way easier to knit on something mindless when you're talking and laughing.

I didn't write the prompt yesterday so there're no uplifting words to end this thing.  I'm going on a gift certificate spending spree with a couple of the other winners from Thursday night so it's time to spellcheck this, change the font, slap on some pictures and have a last pee before driving away.  *waves*

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Aunt B said...

I knew you'd be a winner the other night. So good for you. Love the pix of you and the very small and medium small people. That's a tonic to anything that ails you.