Monday, May 2, 2016

A Great Fundraiser Idea

Our neighborhood association puts out a quarterly newsletter, usually filled with ads and a few articles of neighborly interest.  This quarter's issue has an article with the headline "Rent-a-Cub Scout."  I had to laugh, but then I read it and it's just what I need.  For a $10/hour donation you get a Cub Scout (ages 6-10) accompanied by an adult to do small chores around your home or yard.  The spring winds have blown all sorts of trash that's gotten stuck in the garden and around the yard and I can't get out there to pick it up.  I need a Cub Scout.  So I emailed this morning and am looking forward to having a boy in blue come to help me out.  Since Durwood and DS are both Eagle Scouts I'm excited to support the troop DS was in again.

I made brownies yesterday afternoon.  I found an easy recipe and whipped it up.  Well, not whipped it up exactly.  It's a lot more strenuous and messy to bake when you're sitting down, plus shoving myself around put a bit more strain on my broken, no, healing ankle so it ached some extra for the evening.  But we got a pan of frosted brownies.  Look!  My cutting job wasn't the greatest from a seated position but they taste great.  The frosting has a spoonful of instant coffee granules in it so it's extra good mocha flavor.  Yum.  Those little pieces will be the perfect end to a meal.

Here's my beloved Durwood coming to get the camera to take the brownies' picture.  He's the best, also the most tolerant and he's a pretty good cook too.  Trust me, you're jealous that he's mine.

I cast on and knitted almost halfway through the very last Sudoku square yesterday.  I plan to finish it today and then get block #9 crocheted together.  Woohoo!

May 2--Turnbull/Boudreau, Lighthouse.

The turning cyclops eye
of Crags' Head Light
points its finger of warning
out into the storm.
Spume rises to dance
in the beam,
blown crazy by the gale.
Boulders push waves skyward,
resisting the battering seas through the night
until dawn brings peace.
Calm comes with the pale light
of a new day.

Today I need to go have a blood draw and want to show off new baby pictures at the pharmacy, and make a haircut appointment for later in the week.  I had to cancel one a couple weeks ago and am starting to look like the proverbial shaggy dog.  I see my breakfast approaching.  Coffee.  I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

What a great idea that "Rent A Cub Scout" thing is. And you have the perfect chore for that age group. Kudos for the brownies. They look delicious.