Friday, May 13, 2016

I Survived The Day

It wasn't nearly as strenuous working yesterday as everyone thought it'd be.  Durwood called every couple hours to make sure I was fine and I was.  I will say that I was a tired girl when bedtime rolled around but that's not all bad either.  I called Joe to bring me back my car one of these days soon so I'll be back to work and back on wheels.  I'm hoping that next month I'll be spry enough to have an LC day now and again.  We've missed that.

I had plenty of time to knit on the London Dairy Alpaca Mitts throughout the day and got them them done in the evening.  My planning wasn't quite perfect, you see the tiny twist of yarn leftover.  I could have added an extra round above the thumb or, better yet, kept those thumb stitches live and used that little bit to add a couple rounds on the thumb.  In fact, I might just pick up stitches in the bind off and go around a couple times... I'll give it a try later and report.  I want to use every millimeter of this lovely yarn.  You should be so lucky to have such a thoughtful friend as LB who bought me this luxurious alpaca yarn when I had to miss the Knitting Guild's Yarn Crawl.

The apple tree in back is fixing to bust into bloom any day now.  Yesterday it was a blue sky, puffy clouds day and Durwood snapped a few shots of the pink buds just starting to open.  The big hawk landed on the edge of the birdbath in the evening too but was gone before he could get out the camera.  Drat.

When I got home from work there was a puffy envelope there from my high school friend, BV, and look what was in there.  The cutest little clipboard with a lovely card on it telling me to put "Laugh" on my to-do list every day so I made sure to put it right on today's entry in my Bullet Journal with two asterisks so I don't forget.  See?  (the four-leaf clover is because it's Friday the 13th and also SIL1's birthday--wish we were there to sing for him and eat cake and ice cream, especially ice cream--I might have to go to Culver's to spend my "buy one, get one" coupon today--I might even share with Durwood--if he behaves)

May 13--Aiuppy Photographs, Rural Highway.

They detour us off the interstate
"Road Construction Next 20 Miles"
says the sign.
What a pain, slows us down,
Soon we're surrounded by green.
A pair of sighing breaths.
Open the car windows,
fresh air & birdsong flow in,
fingers relax on the wheel,
an elbow rests on the window frame.
Dogs bark, plowing farmers wave,
slow food lunch at Teeny's Diner at a crossroads.
We ignore the sign to turn back
to speed and anonymity.

They're talking about us having a couple of rainy, cool days. Perfect weather to let my ankle rest up for working next week.  I'll knit too, after I read the newspaper.


BFayBooks said...

Or make the wrists another row longer. I like long wrists. Otherwise -- they are beauties :-)

Aunt B said...

Your bullet journal is so much better than mine. If I have three "bullets" -- that's a productive day for me. Today - post office, grocery, library -- and maybe mop the bathroom floor. But just maybe.