Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Nothing Compares to Last Night's Supper

Tuesday is "$10 Tuesday" at the Papa Murphy's Pizza about 3 blocks from home so most... okay, every Tuesday we order our "usual," eat half of it, and then save the other half for a quick Friday night supper before knitting.  Durwood had other plans for last night's supper since I'm working 3 days this week and get home a bit late for what he had in mind.  See, Piggly Wiggly had whole, 1#, pre-cooked, cold-water lobsters for $7.99 each a couple weeks ago and he went out and bought six of them, two for our neighbor who has been filling the birdfeeders and taking out our trash since I broke my ankle, and four for us.  I buy 2 gallon and 2.5 gallon zipper bags at the Dollar Tree for yarn storage so we had bags big enough to contain the pungent fishiness of the frozen crustaceans in the freezer.  He decided we needed to eat two of them last night.  (besides Tuesday night is trash night so the smelly shells went right out to the curb; I know they could have gone into the organics recycling bin on the counter but ewww, no thanks)  Who am I to argue with a man who wants to put a whole lobster on my plate?  We had a small salad and he boiled up a couple baby red potatoes, but no one pretended that supper was anything more than that gorgeous platter of red shells and succulent meat.  Oh, and melted butter.  YUM!!!  (I got a pizza anyway, baked it, cut it up, and we'll still have pizza, probably tonight, and then Friday night as usual.  Can't abandon tradition totally, now can we?)

I am discovering just how effective painkillers are.  Yesterday began my week of 1/2 doses every 6 hours and in the afternoon I learned what's been going on at the end of my left leg since April 1.  I spent more time than I anticipated on the couch with ice on my ankle but it's only achy, not painful.  Achy I can live with.  And I slept through my middle-night pill so you know I'm not in PAIN pain.

After supper I worked on the toe of my sock a bit.  I had a hard time focusing on knitting yesterday, don't know why, but it's the only knitting I brought to work today so I expect to make some progress today, maybe even get to the second scallop.  That'd be good.

I'm really enjoying listening to Treasure Island on my phone.  I know I never read it as a kid because it wasn't my kind of book, it was a "boy's book."  I read Nancy Drew and that sort of thing.

May 18--Bob Jones Jr., Drag Race.

Neon lights smear the night
like comet tails.
Muscle cars--
race neck and neck
past squealing girls.
Teenage boys
flexing their fledgling manhoods
with four wheels and a V-8.

Well, it's time to go eat my lunch.  A friend stopped by to see "how broken" I am and stayed for a nice long visit.  I love my job, it's busy enough to warrant keeping the lights on and quiet enough for a visit and time to knit.

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Aunt B said...

Lucky girl -- lobster no less. Things are looking up there in the Northland. Saw some cute pictures of a certain baby boy on FB -- plus one of the whole beautiful family. So sweet.