Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I See Buds

I looked out the patio door this morning and saw buds.  Buds on the Bleeding Heart, leafing on the Honeysuckle, and buds on the Apple Tree.  Buds!  And there're leaves peeking out on most of the trees.  Even though we've had a cool spring Spring is coming all on its own.  Hurrah!

I spent most of yesterday getting my meds straightened out and practicing walking on both feet like Homo erectus (I'm not claiming Homo sapiens status until I'm off painkillers; being super-sensitive to meds' effects makes stopping them... let's call it interesting.  I'm willing to put in the work.) so I didn't do much knitting or anything else photo worthy.  I'm 13" along on Sudoku Strip #1, on my way to 18 1/2" and feeling good about it.


Ann of Mason-Dixon Knitting just shouted out about a Knit-A-Long to make a sock, just one.  She's actually thrown down the challenge to gather up your sock projects that need a little more work to be done, but since I don't have a sock in progress, I'm going to give in to temptation and cast on my first choice of patterns out of that sock book I won last month.  I happen to already have the yarn chosen, wound into a ball, and put into a sock project bag with the correct needles.  I could probably make a copy of the pattern today and cast on.  Why, of course I can.

May 11--Ron Nielsen, Cruising the World.

Dark pushed the sun
toward the horizon
latching onto every surface it touched.
Light clung to sea ripples,
picking out grains of sand
flashing like fireflies
around our feet.
Dark pressed its advantage,
long shadows beseeched it to hurry,
douse the light,
swirl the day to an end.

It's another drizzly day.  I don't mind, but I'd like a bit of sun and dry tomorrow when I get to go back to work, kind of like the weather's apology for icing that rug and breaking my ankle 41 days ago.

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Aunt B said...

Forty-one days. Long time and the world has changed from ice-y rugs to buds. Time for rejoicing -- even if it's a grey day.