Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day from the Depths of Couch-land

Yep, I'm still the sole resident here but I'm hoping to get paroled tomorrow.  While I don't expect to be allowed to drive (still on pain meds) I'd like to get to start PT, ease into putting a little weight on my ankle, and go back to work.  Maybe... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Speaking of Mother's Day, I'm finally old enough to get quality art as a gift again.  See?  (I had to age past the teen-age kids and young adult kids years to get to the Grandma years.)  I love it, and the artists.  (Daddy helped.)

Look what we just saw!  Our first hummingbird sighting of the season.  Hooray!  We were talking about Durwood going out to get the feeder because he made fresh birdie juice last night and I looked up and saw her there sipping away.  Welcome back, Mama Hummingbird.

The crown is done.  This was a quick and easy pattern and I love the way it turned out.  In fact I might be casting one on in my size very soon.  I really want to go to Michaels to see what other colors of this sparkly yarn they have before I make mine, though.  Maybe everyone will get a crown for Christmas instead of slippers... nah, slippers are warmer in winter.

I finished the May Seamen's Cowl yesterday too.  I'm happy with the way the two colors of yarn go together.  Now I give myself permission to cast on the first Sudoku joining strip.

May 8--Douglas Peebles, Olympic Peninsula, WA.

Sheer curtains of sunset light
drape the sky in yellow, orange, lilac,
draw my feet up the trail,
the rock outcrop is a warm perch
from which to sing the sun below the horizon

To all you Moms out there, I hope your day brings cards, visits, flowers, and happy tears.  I love you, Mom, and I miss your "how the bridge game went today" afternoon phone calls.  I never thought I would, and I still don't have a clue how to play that card game.

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