Friday, May 6, 2016

I Had An Outing

Yesterday afternoon I thought I'd rather just stay home and brood but I'd arranged to spend a couple hours working on the Knitting Guild's library cart, getting items that aren't in the Ravelry database photographed so I can add them.  So I let Durwood drive me down there, shaking hands and all, and it was okay.  I got through all the items on the cart, got pictures taken and grabbed a few items to profile in the newsletter every month.  I figure if I get the contents on the Guild's Rav page and into the newsletter maybe more members will use it, there are some interesting patterns and books there.  The one I'm most astounded to see is this one with patterns for knitting intarsia (complicated color work involving bobbins) sweaters with pictures of Popeye, Olive Oyl, Dagwood, and Hagar the Horrible on them.  Also Betty Boop.  I'd really like to know who bought the book in the first place before donating it to the Guild and see what they made from it.  I can't tear my eyes away from it.  I'd never knit anything out of there but it draws me like a magnet.

Tulips are blooming!  In the front is the one pink one and the pink/orange/lavender one.  Up on the retaining wall in the back last fall's fence builders managed not to destroy a few tulips.  I know that they avoided the raspberries but I'm afraid the lilies are kaput.

May 6--Robert Fried, DS5-007 Alps, Gstaad, Switzerland.

Hiking in a cloud meadow
harsh German consonants
slice the air
a yodel tumbles downslope
chased by laughter and shouts
Where's Julie Andrews
when you need her?

The neighbor came over to fill the feeders and set up the sprinkler timer Durwood got at Home Depot yesterday.  That would have been ideal, except the #$%&( sprinkler isn't working.  Gah.  LJ says he has one he thinks works that we can borrow.  We'll confer later after he does his daily rounds.  I just know I could fix the sprinkler if I could go outside and get my hands on it.  Stupid broken ankle.

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