Monday, May 30, 2016

To The Toe

I knitted along on the Frustration Anklet foot last night (with my broken ankle elevated like a good girl) and just before I went to bed (at 10 o'clock; I'm such a night owl) I got to the toe decreases and remembered to dig out the little stitch markers that remind me what I'm supposed to do where.  They make it so much easier to not screw up the toes of socks.

Last night we shared an avocado on our salad so we had a pit left.  What else do you do with an avocado pit but poke toothpicks into it and suspend it in water in a jelly jar hoping to grow a tree?  Oh, I did a little web surfing to glean any sage info about avocado pit sprouting and came across a used book called Don't Throw It, Grow It on for a penny ($3.99 shipping) so I ordered it.  I am absolutely certain that I could find all of the info it contains in a handful of web searches but I like having a book instead of a list of online bookmarks.  

Look who visited the nectar feeder this morning.  It's one of the mama hummingbirds that stops by.  We can easily tell them apart because this one never lands and stays long enough for us to get the camera out and take a few pix, the other one lands but she only stays for a few seconds and then she's away.  Seeing one of these never gets old.  They're so small, they seem like bugs instead of birds.

The ferns looked especially... fern-y this morning.  This lily of the valley peeked out at me from behind the birdseed cans, and the chives are blooming.  LC picked a flower, took a bite, and decided she didn't like it.  Not a surprise since the flowers have a much stronger flavor than the chives themselves.  I promised her I'd find a chocolate mint plant because she loves to pick and eat mint leaves.  Maybe I'll do that later.  I need to get out of the house today, even if I only drive around the block a few times.

May 30--Richard Pasley

Sagebrush and cactus
line the endless straight highway
like sentries
ushering martyrs
to the altar mountain
on the horizon

Happy Memorial Day.  If you served in any of the armed forces in war or peace time, thank you for keeping me and mine safe.  I appreciate it more than I can express.

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Aunt B said...

Hope you got out and did more than drive around the block. I know that "cabin fever" feeling though. But it's good to have a real errand -- like buying something -- anything.