Saturday, May 7, 2016


Since I made hats for the new babies I thought I should make a hat for the Big Sister too, but then I thought that a Big Sister needs something swell-er than a mere hat.  So I found a pattern for a crown and, since going into Michaels for shiny yarn is still problematic, I sent an emissary over last night from Friday Night Knitting.  MW, that obliging soul, hoofed it the block over and then called me to report on the available colors and levels of sparkle.  It was hard to choose over the phone but I think I did okay.  One of them even has tiny sequins on it.  I'll hold a strand of each of the gold ones for the crown body and then one gold and one sapphire one for the peaks.  I'm typing fast so I can cast on right now.

I got another couple stripes knitted on the May Seamen's Cowl and it's about the right length.  I'll bind it off later so that will be done.

Since I had to skip the Knitting Guild's Yarn Crawl last Saturday, LB bought me a present--a little skein of alpaca yarn and a card with some very interesting wool needles for tail-weaving-in.  KW brought the compact needle gauge I asked her to look for but no one had the Wraps Per Inch gauge I wanted.  It's a way to determine the weight of the yarn you're thinking of using and it's very handy for judging non-commercial yarns like this alpaca.  I think this yarn is destined to be some handwarmers.

That's all I have today.  I didn't write a prompt last night or this morning.  I've kind of been in a MOOD the last few days, so not a lot got done during Week #5 in Couch-land.  I have high hopes that Monday's trip to the doc will bring about some changes to my situation.


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