Saturday, May 14, 2016

Errand-ing All By Myself

I had a few, not too strenuous, errands I wanted to accomplish today so I got myself dressed and just went.  Durwood likes to sleep in so if I need a chauffeur I have to wait until the afternoon to go but I didn't want to wait so off I went.  I took my time, parked as close to doors as I could, used a scooter when one was available (although I didn't see the one at Michaels until I was checking out), and let anyone who offered help me.  It felt great.  Also leaves are opening on the trees.  Leaves!

Yesterday afternoon I did split the remaining alpaca yarn in half, picked up stitches in the bound-off thumbs, and knitted a couple rounds like I said I was thinking of doing in yesterday's blog post.  Because I bound off so tightly (running out of yarn) I didn't join the second bind-off ends so the thumbs aren't as tidy as they might be, but look at the tiny pile of yarn ends that's left.  I truly did use ALL of that 50 g. skein of luxurious alpaca yarn.  I even like the way the bound off stitches look in the thumb, kind of a design element.  ("design element" is often knitter-speak for booboo, but not this time; I made a conscious choice not to pick out the bind-off and add on)

At Friday Night Knitting I finished Sudoku Strip #1.  This afternoon I tossed all nine of the Sudoku blocks into the washer and dryer so I can measure to be sure that I'm making the strips the correct length for joining them.

After finishing the strip I worked on May Preemie Hat #3.  The yarn color is Lagoon.  I like it.

I am a genius!  And I didn't even know it.  Oh, did I say that out loud?  Well, I'm going to an engagement party this afternoon and wanted to take something small as a gift with the card so I sorted through my bag of stockpiled knitted wash or dishcloths and found a pair that are made with the same 2 yarn colors but switched so they kind of look like "his 'n hers."  Like I said, genius.  (I even had that length of ribbon in one of my knitting bags so I didn't have to boomp back downstairs on my bum to find something. I might run errands but I'm nowhere near brave enough to go down and up stairs on my feet yet.)  Now I'll have to make another pair, just in case I need them again.  I like to have some cloths made for quick gifts.  Everybody likes handmade dishcloths, right?

May 14--Aiuppy Photographs, Rural Highway.

I finally got the window seat.
I'm usually the DMZ,
in the middle with my feet on the hump
because my brothers fight.
I lean against the cool glass,
squinch my eyes
so the autumn leaves blur
like melted crayons
on blue construction paper
as Dad speeds us along.

We have a freeze warning for tonight.  Can you believe it?  It's nearly May 15th and they're talking about frost.  Tsk.  Global warming, my Aunt Fanny.

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Aunt B said...

What a triumph. Set loose on the world again. Definite progress and good for you for letting people help. Like the "His" and "Hers" washcloths. Too clever by far.