Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Not A Lot To Show

Seems like the last 24 hours were pretty uneventful or at least not photogenic.

I got a haircut (hooray!) and even though Francis pulled an ottoman over so I could elevate my foot, by time we got home my toes felt like sausages so I hurried to put ice on it and prop it up on pillows on the couch.  Oh the couch, my home for most of the last nearly 5 weeks.  Pretty soon the couch is going to divorce me, I'm certain of it.  After my haircut we stopped at the hearing aid place to discover that there was just earwax plugging the earbud, it wasn't broken.  Whew.  On our way home we stopped to pick up our traditional Tuesday supper--a large Papa's Favorite, original crust, remove the black olives and add fresh tomatoes pizza (it's $10 Tuesday and we get 2 suppers out of it)--and then we swung back through Culver's drive-thru for "buy one, get one" sundaes for dessert.  (hey, we know how to Tuesday).  In post-haircut news, after sitting with ice on my ankle for an hour I took a shower to wash away all the hair schnipples that were filtering itchily under my clothes.  Ahh, a shower.  Is there anything more luxurious?  And this time I wasn't nearly as afraid I'd hurt my unwrapped and unbooted broken ankle.  (there are mercifully no pictures of this part of my day)

Just before lunch I heard a lot of truck noise for about half an hour and realized, as they drove away, that the plumbing folks had been here fixing the mess they made in the backyard last fall.  No one came to the door to say that they were here or to give care instructions.  Do I need to find someone to put a sprinkler and hose out there to keep it watered?  I assume there's grass seed under the straw.  I'd better call today.

I heard the mailman deliver yesterday and when I glanced up he'd stopped in front of the window, was looking down at something, took out his phone, and took a picture.  Well, then I had to get up to see what he took a picture of.  A pink tulip amidst the grape hyacinths.  Pretty.  (oh, that reminds me, I think I knocked the "hold the mail" clothespin out of the mailbox onto the porch when I got the mail, I should go check)

None of my knitting got much longer so I'll spare you pictures of those.

May 4--Hawaii.

lines of white foam
slide toward the sand
pushed by the onshore breeze
flattened by the high blue sky
into satin wrinkles of saltwater
skirts around velvet green islands
swaying palm trees mimic hula hips
far away islands with an American
welcome mat

Disjointed but interesting, I think.  Today I'm all about the couch.  I did too much yesterday--stripped and remade the bed (that was a trick, let me tell you), all that haircut and pizza getting stuff, and then a shower--it was all too tiring.  I hate that I'm so easily worn out.  I guess knitting bones takes a lot of energy.  I'll be here with my foot up, if you need me.  There may be catnaps involved.


Aunt B said...

For someone couch-bound, you managed to get a lot done. Stripping the bed and changing sheets? That had to be an enormous rigmarole. But congrats for getting it done. Just rest today. Thanks an order.

Lucie Haskins said...

Love the "schnipples" comment. I never knew what to call them before!